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A Fascinating Look At Balancing The Brain

What are the benefits of balancing the brain? A recent article from The Huffington Post by Dr. Robert Bilder, Ph. D. addresses this fascinating topic. In the article, he discusses Dr. Jill Taylor's TED speech about having a stroke that resulted in her experiencing the world in a whole new way and the long and arduous task of re-balancing her brain. The article states:

"Imbalance between brain systems is often the source of problems. Ever had a moment when you might have been a tad too 'rigid,' or when you had difficulty 'staying focused?' Consider the plights of those with obsessive-compulsive or attention deficit disorders. Taylor's portrayal is unique in revealing a benefit of imbalance: the 'silencing' of some systems may 'unleash' others, and yield extraordinary vision and perspective. Taylor reports uplifting sensations of beauty and euphoria that seem to reflect a release from domination by critical analysis. She experiences an expansive state marked by connection to humanity, and freedom from the incessant 'chatter' of her verbal brain. Her stroke also had distressing consequences -- for example, paralysis on the right side of her body and a loss of intelligible speech..."

Understanding the repercussions and positive experiences brought on by a stroke offers a glimpse into the complex topic of hemispheric brain function. To learn more about Dr. Jill Taylor's experience during and after her stroke, scroll down to watch her fascinating description of losing function in the left hemisphere of her brain and then regaining it.

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