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Summertime Goal-Setting Worksheet for Families

Help your child reach a new goal this summer.

For months, you've been meaning to teach your child a new skill or help them reach a new goal. Maybe you've wanted to teach her to finally ride a bike, or give him a new household responsibility. Despite reminders and nagging, your child doesn't seem to be picking up that new skill or getting around to the new task.  

Parents, we know when summer starts, you have the best intentions to help your child learn new skills or accomplish goals during the break from school, but in years past, you blink and summer is over! 

Download our "Summertime Goal-Setting Worksheet for Families" for strategic steps to use your child's summer break to help them reach new goals. We've filled out the worksheet ourselves, to give you an example from the team at Brain Balance to help parents build small skills over time. With this worksheet, you and your child can work together to break your goal into small, attainable steps to help them gain smaller skills as building blocks to reach the end goal.

Keep in Mind: In learning new skills or completing new tasks, we need to set attainable goals for our kids that are not just age-appropriate, but developmentally appropriate. 

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Fill out the form to download our Summertime Goal-Setting Worksheet for Families. 



Fill out the form to download the worksheet

When Things Just Don't Seem to "Click"

When you've tried many different strategies to motivate your child or keep them on task, and nothing you're doing seems to "click," the Brain Balance Program is here to help your family. Brain Balance is designed to help build the important brain connections needed to improve focus, hyperactivity, impulsivity, behavior, anxiety, social skills, and academic performance. Our integrated, holistic program is personalized to a child, teen, or adult's needs and builds progressively as you advance. 

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