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The Brain Balance Summer Program

Make up for Lost Time this Summer

Help your child thrive in the upcoming school year.

The Brain Balance Program is designed to help kids, teens and young adults build the focus, behavior, and social-emotional skills to keep up in school. Brain Balance is the leading drug-free program helping kids move beyond challenges to achieve greater success. This personalized program is a non-medical option for families to help kids and teens get back on track and see improvements for the new school year. 

Take the First Step: Get Back on Track for the New School Year

Fill out the form on this page to learn about the assessment and we can help your child and your family.

Understand the root cause to your child’s struggles

We conduct a full assessment which helps us understand and accurately identify areas that may be holding your child back.

Implement a customized program to strengthen the weaker areas and restore balance

Once we understand the areas that need strengthening, we can develop the Brain Balance plan your child needs to meet their full potential.

Find a better way forward this summer. Complete the form to learn more.

Hear from Dr. Rebecca Jackson, as she discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on kids, teens, and young adults. 

This year has been an amplifier of challenges for so many people -- kids, teens, and even adults. If a child was already struggling with focus, behavior, or comprehension, these challenges have intensified after a year of pandemic lockdown and at-home learning. 

For those kids and teens who weren’t struggling prior to the pandemic, we are seeing alarming increases in kids struggling with keeping up as well as mood and emotions. In fact, we've seen tripling rates of anxiety and depression and an escalation of attention and focus issues, and keeping up and performing at school.

Sustained stress and change take a toll on the brain, which results in difficulties with focus, decision making, and managing emotions. The Brain Balance Program helps kids, teens and adults improve focus, mood, learning, and social skills. We invite you to contact us so we can show you what's possible.