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Noah had extremely high energy and verbal tics, clearing his throat repeatedly, making noises.

His ability to focus was not great, and he was disruptive at times in class. We did the assessment at Brain Balance, which determined in a very-well designed systematic format that Noah would be a good candidate for the program.

Now, about one year after the program ended, Noah has made the school honor roll and experienced tremendous improvement in his sports. His tics are gone and his entire persona and maturity have grown at a level that we could never imagine.

The three months that ensued required a tremendous commitment from us as a collective family unit. It brought us very close together as a mom, dad, and son. Following the three months, we proved that we could accomplish anything we put our minds to!

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale.