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It's been a huge blessing for our family. It's been a huge blessing to him too, because we can really tell that both of hemispheres of his brains have balanced out. It's just a change that we can actually see. It's amazing. I would definitely say yes to Brain Balance.

Jeremiah had a lot of problems with balance, he would fall a lot. He had a lot of problems with being social and carrying on a conversation back and forth and eye contact. He also had problems with academics and reading, writing, even being able to write his letters the right way, being able to hold the pencil, and even grasp it the right way to form the letters. He just had a lot of problems with those types of things.

After the Brain Balance Program, he was more aware of himself. Just as far as who he was and he made friends easier and was able to have conversations better. I just noticed different things about people and about conversations that they were talking about. Just much more aware of things that were going on around him. He kind of used to be in his own little world. Also, how strong he had gotten from doing exercises, like physically strong. Saying “Oh wow, I’ve got bigger muscles now.” And “My balance is better. My one-legged stance, I can do it forever now and I don’t fall.” He noticed a lot of different things like that.

bb-ss-jeremiah-family-300x298It’s more of a back and forth conversation where he’ll tell me about his day. He can go into detail about things, which he never used to be able to do, he would just get stuck on one thing and be very repetitive. Now I can actually speak with him about things, very refreshing. He was getting failing grades and we never wanted to make a big deal about it, but even in the program during Brain Balance, he started bringing home A’s, and then he’s had 100%. He never got those types of grades before and he felt so much more confident getting those grades.

Brain Balance students progress an average of 2.6 levels in 3 months for sensory motor exercises. On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10 point scale.