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St. Patrick's Day Recipes for Kids

Celebrate St. Paddy's Day with our Balance 360 Approved, Clean Eating Recipes for Kids!

It's your lucky day! If corned beef and cabbage is not your children's favorite dish then celebrate with these fun and free St. Patrick's Day recipes for kids. These nutritious choices are a lucky way to get your child to eat something healthy. From sweet green muffins to healthy shamrock shakes, we've got you covered!

Balance 360 System is a step-by-step approach, designed by a registered dietician, to help parents customize a nutrition plan to fit their child’s lifestyle and needs. It progressively removes foods that contain gluten, refined sugar, and dairy. These foods may cause negative reactions, including food sensitivities, inflammation, negative behaviors, physical symptoms and learning challenges. 

These Irish-inspired recipes are sure to make your holiday a success, and we know your child will thank you! 

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