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Reviews and Testimonials From Brain Balance Families

Kids and Families Love the Brain Balance Program

Wondering if your child will like Brain Balance? Read these testimonials and reviews from parents and kids about why they loved coming to Brain Balance.

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Natalie T., graduated Brain Balance at 16

“I’ve been impacted in such a positive way. It was beyond worth it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” — Natalie

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Ryan, graduated Brain Balance in the 2nd grade

“Immediately we saw a change in the behavior at school. His teachers noticed it, he was calmer. Ryan himself calls it life-changing.” — Nicole, Ryan’s mom

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Parents Report Improvements

Parents surveyed before and after their child completed 5-6 months of the Brain Balance Program reported an average of 40-60% improvement in their children in the overall happiness, emotional functioning, social confidence, behavior, anxiety and ability to retain academic information:1


What our parents and students are saying:

"I would say we noticed a huge change in Jackson’s confidence within a few weeks of the program, he was reading at a different level, he was talking and expressing himself more confidently.  He was more confident in class.  His grades went up right away.  Having him just be himself in school was just priceless." – Sommer D., Brain Balance Parent

"I first heard about Brain Balance in from a mother/speech pathologist/yoga teacher who shared that her son had improved so dramatically the program that he no longer met criteria for Asperger’s and ADHD.  My husband and I being physicians, we brought our daughter to many “skilled diagnosticians”. Not only were we not offered a useful diagnosis, we were not offered any guidance towards targeted therapeutic interventions. Within 1-2 weeks of beginning the program our daughter was alternating feet when walking up stairs, something that she had not been able to do previously, even at over 5 years of age. After 12 weeks of Brain Balance, our daughter was in a place of expanded neurologic readiness. The Brain Balance team were wonderfully kind and generous in the care of our daughter. They coordinated with her elementary school teachers and therapists to refine a more holistic, comprehensive program to address her neurologic needs. I am exceptionally grateful to them." Dr. Anna Lisa Pastore, MD, Brain Balance Parent

"I feel that Brain Balance has helped me in reading comprehension which any college student can tell you is an essential skill. It has helped me open up more with others which has aided me in creating many great new friendships in classes." – Joe, age 18, Brain Balance Student

"Yes, it’s a big time commitment. It’s a big financial commitment. But I would much rather do that early and upfront than pay for either doctor’s visits or therapy or other types of things that are downstream results of not addressing these issues early. And honestly, as a parent, what better thing could I invest in than my own child? There’s nothing more important than making sure my kids are healthy and strong and have the confidence that they need to do the best they can." – Nicole B., Brain Balance Parent

"I always did well in high school. I didn't expect to struggle, but I soon learned that college was a league of its own. I had just over two months before returning to school, and I desperately wanted to change the trajectory of where my life was headed. So, I enrolled in Brain Balance. When I returned to school I felt like a completely different student. I made the President's list, and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2014. It changed my life forever." Kayla, Brain Balance Graduate

"To take advantage of what we considered the best treatment available for our daughter we moved to New York from the United Kingdom between July and December 2013! From the day Arielle was born she was very sensitive and anxious. Just before she turned 3 yrs old, Arielle developed some severe behavioral and social issues that made a big impact on our daily family life. We tried various avenues of help with no success. At the end of 2012 we were put in touch with Brain Balance via a friend who had proved fantastic results with their son who had done the program.

The outcome was worth waiting for – it’s not a quick fix, these stages need to happen, it’s been a lasting and ongoing improvement. The excellent result has been worth every step. We now have a very happy daughter who has confidence, can reason, can react to good or bad situations in a balanced way, is stronger physically, is making new friends, is accomplishing big steps forward academically with a very strong willingness to learn. When we returned to the UK and Arielle went back to her school for the first time her teacher was amazed." Scott & Anna, Brain Balance Parents from Swansea, UK

"Her level of anxiety is so much better. She is not just constantly in an anxious state so it’s more calm here at home. It’s nice to be able to do things around the house and not have to worry about if she is going to be upset about it. I would recommend Brain Balance for sure just because for me not only does it seem to have helped her really quickly, but it’s fun for her." Vicki S., Brain Balance Parent

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1 Shown are the data on the percentage improvement in parental responses to this survey item from initial program enrollment to program completion at 5-6 months. Includes data from children (aged 4-17 years) who participated in the Brain Balance Program for a duration of 5-6 months (1 hour/day, 3 days/week). This time frame is the most common program length with the most data points. Overall Happiness – “Child seems depressed.”: 428 responses. Emotional Functioning – “Child often appears to be unhappy”: 630 responses. Ability to Retain Academic Information – “Child has difficulty remembering academic information from one day to the next.”: 980 responses. Social Confidence – “Child withdraws socially.”: 689 responses. Behavior – “Child is argumentative, oppositional, or uncooperative at home.”: 1,058 responses. Anxiety – “Child worries a lot.”: 1,110 responses.