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At-Home Exercises


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The at-home exercises are adjusted based on your child’s personalized assessment. They complement the work done in the Center, and we encourage you to continue practicing them at home daily. The frequency and duration of our program elements is a major key to success. Efforts are focused both in the Center and at home to make the outcomes for each child as productive as possible. These exercises help to develop a foundation that we can then build upon during the sessions at the Center.

Not only are these exercises important to the success of the program, but they can also be a positive time to connect with your child. Be creative and playful as you are doing the exercises. Your motivation will have a strong impact on your child’s success.

There are three types of exercises:

    • Primitive (Infant) Reflex Exercises
    • Core Exercises
    • Eye Exercises

These exercises should be completed daily. Based on your child’s assessment, your child’s customized plan will specify the frequency and duration of the exercises.