Your Child’s Personalized Plan

The Brain Balance Assessment


The Brain Balance program is designed to strengthen and build brain connectivity with a unique combination of physical, sensory, and cognitive activities. These new, efficient and effective connections in the brain lead to improvements in our ability to focus, stay calm and manage stress, socialize and learn. 

At Brain Balance, we believe it is critical to identify the root cause of challenges in order to create an action plan for change.

Our program begins with a 1 to 2 hour in-depth, comprehensive assessment.

How does the Assessment Work?

The assessment includes sensory, physical and cognitive activities measuring key functional areas involved in focus, memory, auditory and visual processing, eye coordination and movements, balance, coordination, and timing.

The assessment includes sensory, physical and cognitive activities that identify areas of development that need strengthening. These key areas of development are at the root of our ability to pay attention, learn, engage, interact and manage stress and anxiety.

From the results of the assessment, our team will help create a plan focused on building the brain connections needed to help create improvements for your child.

The Report of Assessment Meeting 

Following the evaluation, together we will review a detailed report of your child’s results and discuss how Brain Balance may be able to help. You will better understand the key areas of development that need attention. These key areas of development will allow our team to create a personalized plan for your child which includes the necessary physical, sensory and cognitive activities to strengthen and build brain connectivity. 

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For over a decade, the Brain Balance Program has helped over 40,000 kids who struggle with learning and developmental issues through our integrated, whole-child approach.

It is important for you to know that Brain Balance does not clinically diagnose medical conditions such as ADHD,  Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorders or Processing Disorders. The Program subscribes to a holistic approach with each individual child, whether that child has received a diagnosis by a medical doctor, or has no formal diagnosis at all.

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