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Organizational Chart for Kids

An Organizational Chart Helps With Daily Routines

Disorganization can lead to decreased productivity, lower grades and a feeling of being overwhelmed for some children.  It is important to help your child stay organized with their daily routines when they are having trouble staying focused.

Our Brain Balance organizational chart can help your child stay on-task. It includes suggested morning, after school and evening routines. With some guided practice, these routines will eventually become automatic and will provide organizational skills that will assist your child for a lifetime!

Brain Balance Can Help
If organizational strategies are doing little to help your child stay focused and complete tasks, the Brain Balance Program can help. The program assesses your child get to the root of their struggles -- in the brain, where they process and react to the world around them. The program is designed to strengthen and build the brain connections needed to stay organized, pay attention and keep up with tasks. The Brain Balance Assessment will identify areas of development that need strengthening, and your brain balance coach will outline a personalized plan for success. 

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