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Right Brain-Left Brain Connections in Autistic Kids - Brain Balance

August 23, 2013: Behavioral scientists know that an ability to process “non-verbal” signals lays the foundation for developing both language and social skills. Dr. Yola Barbosa, a director at a Brain Balance Achievement Center in New Jersey notes, “The ability to process the non-verbal communication lays the foundation of social skills and language.

Kids with autism and even ADHD have a kind of social injury. They may not relate socially in ways most people take for granted. It can be devastating for both parent and child. Some children along the Autism Spectrum and or with severe ADHD are unable to focus or face the problem of inattentiveness. They may also show signs of hyperactivity and are unable to control their behavior. Early signs of Autism include a child avoiding eye contact, no response to the smiles of others and no reaction when his name is called. In addition, the child may avoid pointing at objects or won’t wave goodbye.

According to Barbosa, social skills cannot be taught. They are observed and mimicked by children. “As infants, we observe, process, mimic, wait for feedback when it comes to fitting in with society, a group or another individual. Then we process the response. Kids with autism have fewer of the right brain connections where social behaviors are learned.”

Positive social feedback creates a learned social skill which will be used in the future. Negative social feedback creates pain from rejection. We learn not to do that negative behavior again.

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