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Passion Driven Brand Changes the Face of Learning - Brain Balance

Parents Find Success in Brain Balance Achievement Centers and
Open Local Franchises

Jersey City, N.J. – According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, more than 2.4 million children are born with learning disabilities. Since 2006, Brain Balance Achievement Centers has helped thousands of children struggling with learning and behavioral disorders, such as ADHD, dyslexia, processing disorders and Asperger’s, and some with no formal diagnosis at all.  This drug-free, whole-child approach has successfully helped these children to reach their full academic, social and behavioral potential. As the demand continues to grow for programs that offer an alternative solution to medication, many parents found new hope and amazing success for their children through the Brain Balance Program. Their life-changing experience and new found passion to share this program with the many families struggling, as they once had, led them to reassess their careers and open a Brain Balance franchise.

“We are honored to have these parents as part of our brand and franchise system. They truly understand from first-hand experience the challenges that children with learning and behavioral disorders endure and are dedicated to helping them succeed,” said Dr. Robert Melillo, Founder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers. “Their deeply rooted passion for the program has led to incredible franchise success.”

Crossing State Lines to Discover an Alternative Solution

Canton, Ohio-based mom, Kristel Thomas, discovered that her youngest son, Louie, had a developmental disorder at the age of one when neurologists told her that Louie may never be able to talk or ride a bike. He experienced frequent emotional meltdowns and could not communicate his needs. Louie grew into a physically age-appropriate seven-year-old, but he was behaving years younger. Kristel did not want her son to live a life on medication so she began seeking alternative options and came across Brain Balance Achievement Centers in Peachtree City, GA. Kristel and Louie moved 11 hours away to Peachtree City, GA, where the closest Brain Balance center was located at the time.

After only a month into the program, Louie began demonstrating remarkable improvements which only increased throughout the year. Louie is no longer in a special education program at school and is excelling academically and socially. Kristel was so impressed with the program that she decided to open a Brain Balance Achievement Centers location in Canton. She has now been running her center for nearly two years.

Helping Two Sons Achieve Their Full Academic and Social Potential

Tammy and Bo Bingham spent four years attempting to treat their two sons’ learning and behavioral disorders with dietary changes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutritional supplements, intensive behavioral therapy, private tutors and more, but nothing was producing significant results. After reading Dr. Melillo’s book, Disconnected Kids, the Bingham’s made the hard decision to split up the family by temporarily moving from their Nevada home to Georgia, so that their sons could attend Brain Balance. Wyatt, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2, and Brody, who displayed ADHD behaviors and symptoms of sensory processing disorder, entered the Brain Balance program in March 2011.

After three months in the program, Tammy saw more improvements and changes in her boys than she had seen in the previous four years. Wyatt now follows instructions and can process information. After being home-schooled, Brody was finally able to enroll at a public school. Upon experiencing so much success with the program, Tammy knew she wanted to help more families by opening Brain Balance Achievement Centers in southern Utah. The Bingham’s currently own Brain Balance Centers in St. George and South Jordan and have plans to open two more centers in the area in the coming years.



Since 2006, Brain Balance Achievement Centers has helped thousands of children, ages of 4 to 17, reach their academic, social and behavioral potential through its drug-free, whole-child approach.  The Brain Balance Program® utilizes sensory motor exercises, neuro-academic work and nutritional guidance to address the root cause of many learning and behavioral issues. Today, there are over 52 Brain Balance Achievement Centers nationwide.  For more information, visit www.brainbalancecenters.com.

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