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The Daily Meal Features Article by Brain Balance Registered Dietitian, Holly Larson - Brain Balance


Right Brain-Left Brain Connections in Autistic Kids - Brain Balance

August 23, 2013: Behavioral scientists know that an ability to process “non-verbal” signals lays the foundation for developing both language and […]

Pioneering Achievement Center Recognizes Link between Neurobehavioral Issues and Gluten Intolerance - Brain Balance

Brain Balance Achievement Centers Provides Tips in Support of Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Passion Driven Brand Changes the Face of Learning - Brain Balance

Parents Find Success in Brain Balance Achievement Centers and Open Local Franchises

One family's success leads to new business in Superior - Brain Balance

Michaelle and Matt Selcke knew early on that something wasn’t right about their son’s development. But when James’ pediatrician told them to wait it […]

North Central News Briefs - July 18 - Brain Balance

Source: My San Antonio Date of publication: 07/18/2013 Download File | View Online

New treatment helps teen make drastic transformation - Brain Balance

Source: Fayette County News Date of publication: 07/05/2013 Download File | View Online

New Learning Center Helps Children with ADHD, Autism - Brain Balance

Source: News Channel 4 – San Antonio Date of publication: 07/18/2013 Download File | View Online

New Control Study Finds Drug-Free Program is Successful for Eliminating ADHD Symptoms - Brain Balance

Eighty One Percent of Participating Children No Longer have ADHD after Program