Brain Balance Center of Midlothian Has a Plan for Children with Asperger Syndrome *

Help and Hope For Families In Midlothian Through Brain Balance

It can be tough for parents to watch their children struggle and not know how to help them. The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Midlothian has a plan for children with Asperger’s syndrome*. Through the Brain Balance Program’s integrated approach, tens of thousands of children across the county have been able to overcome their academic, social and behavioral challenges, without the use of drugs. In order to help your child achieve their goals, The Brain Balance Program uses a combination of academic activities, sensory motor training, dietary guidelines, and exercises for children to use at-home.

Our personalized assessment is the first step of The Brain Balance Program after enrollment. The results of your child’s assessment will be used by the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Midlothian to develop a personal plan that is customized to your child’s needs. Each child’s program regimen is created specifically for that child and will target any deficits in functions or skills.

*Now considered a part of ASD