Brain Balance Achievement Center of Lubbock Has A Nutrition Plan For Kids That Addresses Leaky Gut Syndrome

Helping Children Reach Their Goals

The Brain Balance Program in Lubbock is dedicated to helping children achieve their goals. The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Lubbock can help children struggling academically, behaviorally, or socially, whether their troubles are at home or in the classroom. To get started with The Brain Balance Program, each child must complete a personalized assessment. This assessment can help you understand what is at the root of your child’s issue. Our assessment delivers a complete profile of your child and provides us with invaluable information about your child’s current physical, verbal, and comprehension skills. With the results of your child’s skill level, we can create a customized program that meets your child’s needs.

There is no other program like Brain Balance. Our holistic approach carefully combines sensory-motor stimulation and training, academic activities, and at-home exercises with an easy-to-follow nutrition plan. By creating individualized plans that focus on the specific needs of each child, our program is able to address the root cause of a child’s challenges and put them on the path to success.

Leaky Gut Reinforcement For Kids

Services provided through Brain Balance can help to provide positive reinforcement for children with leaky gut. Our services help children achieve their goals and overcome their social, behavioral, and academic struggles. If you’re looking for assistance for a child with leaky gut, please get in touch with our center to take the next step.