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Brain Balance Cincinnati Reviews & Testimonials


Reviews & Testimonials from Brain Balance Cincinnati Families


“And he has finally mastered tying his own shoes.”

“Once Sam started the program we immediately began to see progress.  He could now try many different foods without fear that he would gag and choke.  Sam’s eczema has all but disappeared and he has not had an asthma attack since before we started Brain Balance.   Sam is also much more aware of his body in space.  He walks upright, moves from point A to point B with a purpose instead of ambling around aimlessly.  He doesn’t fall down nearly as much anymore, but when he does, he gets back up and keeps on going.  He is not the slowest kid on his basketball team anymore.  He actually runs with a sense of urgency now.  And he has finally mastered tying his own shoes.  He’s pretty proud of that one.  Sam has truly turned a complete 180 in many ways.  He is at, or even above age-level in most of his right brain skills and he is now working on getting the two hemispheres of his brain to work together.  Friends that have not seen Sam in a while have noted how much better he carries himself, communicates and behaves.  I cannot wait for him to start 2nd grade and amaze his teachers with the things he can do.  Thanks to Brain Balance, he is FINALLY a “typical” 7-year-old boy.  But he is much more than that, he is still my sweet, smart Sam with all of his wonderful qualities now with the ability to use his brain and body to his fullest potential.  I have no doubt that Brain Balance has made all the difference.  I can never thank Greg, Michelle and all of the staff at Cincinnati Brain Balance enough for unlocking the potential that I always knew was inside my little boy; and for helping him see how truly extraordinary he is.  I love you all and you will all hold a special place in Sam’s heart too.”

“Her eye tracking and ability to cross midline has increased remarkably!”

“Thanks for bringing this transformational program to Cincinnati.  It has been changing our lives.  Since beginning  Brain Balance , Maya has been engaging the world increasingly and it has been thrilling! For the first time this year, she was interested in the butterfly show,  and she was interested in riding the rides at Kings Island.  Wow! Her conversations and sentences have Increased in complexity.  She has been asking some thoughtful, pertinent, questions of others.  Her eye tracking and ability to cross midline has increased remarkably!  She has been playing some complex games with kids at camp (with support).  All of this is AWESOME! I’m very grateful.   Thanks for making Brain Balance possible in Cincinnati!”

“He could see the results of Brain Balance and wanted to keep working on his exercises.”

“Early on (within a couple of weeks of starting the program) we noticed big changes. Suddenly he could ride a bike (with training wheels) which was something he had been struggling to do for years. This was a HUGE confidence booster for him. He could see the results of Brain Balance and wanted to keep working on his exercises. Within a few more days he could shoot baskets, and made them about 50% of the time. He had never made a basket before brain balance. Within 2-3 weeks family friends started to notice that he was more talkative and outgoing. We did hit a few weeks where it seemed like he plateaued, and we had two or three days where we saw terrible regression where he was very angry and emotional. Aside from those isolated times he continued to make progress. He reacted less to sensory input and became braver in many situations. While he is still uncomfortable around bees and flying insects he will now venture out into a field to play soccer, something that a couple of months ago was unheard of for him.

He makes eye contact more and walks on his toes less. His tantrums and outbursts are less frequent and severe. He is far more talkative and in general calmer and more focused. While he needs some redirection he is able to focus his attention for longer and follow directions. He seems to have more confidence and is less anxious. All of his physical skills (sit-ups, overall strength and endurance) have improved. All of our family members and friends have noticed a marked change and have remarked about what a wise investment it was to enroll him the Brain Balance Program of Cincinnati. Thank you again for all of your support and your work with us!!”

“She is able to focus and take in everything.”

“Brain Balance Gang: Wow, I can not Thank You enough. You not only helped Brooklyn, you helped our whole family. Going into this I did not know what to expect. The end results are amazing! She is still the fun loving, adventurous, and out going girl. Now she is still that, and she is able to focus and take in everything. She sees the world through a new set of eyes. As a mother I am excited to see where the world will take her. Before, I thought she was going to struggle with school. Now I am confident that she will do GREAT in school. People who knew her before and know her now are also amazed. They love how she is the same girl, just more put-together. As before she was all over the place. They enjoy being around her.

What makes me LOVE the results the most is my daughter herself noticing change and she is loving and enjoying the results. I have heard her tell me in so many ways, and she knows what was helping her, Brain Balance. Thank you for allowing her to enjoy life in a new way!”

“He has only been to four sessions of brain balance but we have seem amazing things happen already.”

“My son was born with a unilateral cataract in his left eye. He had it removed at 1 month of age and has worn contacts and glasses ever since to correct his vision. With these devices his vision is corrected to 20/20 but his vision is actually 20/200 because it is brain limited. Children born with this condition did not develop the proper neural pathway from the brain to the eye in utero. We have done vision therapy, patching and most recently a lens implant in his eye to try and improve his vision. When his lens was implanted on January 27, his surgeon reiterated to us what we have been told for the past three years…”

“His vision will not improve from this lens implant because his brain is not plastic any longer and since his vision has been stable at 20/200 for three years there will be no other improvements. The lens was implanted for cosmetic reasons to keep his muscles strong and his eyes in alignment.” It is also important to mention that the lens implanted last week was the same power/prescription he has worn in a regular contact lens. There is no change in that way. That being said he saw the surgeon on Friday last week (one week post op) and his vision had improved to 20/125. The surgeon as well as myself were completely amazed and shocked as he has had no improvements in over three years. The only way for this improvement to occur is through a brain function and the ability of the brain to forge the pathway or forge another new one.

“I mentioned this program to the surgeon and he agreed that it had to be the reason. He is still skeptical but I am not. I have done everything that I have come across to improve his vision and we have never been successful until now. He is having his vision checked again on the 16th of this month. I am very anxious to see the results. He has only been to four sessions of brain balance but we have seem amazing things happen already…this vision only being one of them!”


Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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