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Nate and April Taninecz

Nate and April Taninecz

Executive Directors

When their oldest of three children began to show symptoms associated with what would be diagnosed as high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety, they responded in many of the same ways that so many parents do.  They put on a brave face and motivated themselves to do anything to help their child, but truthfully inside they felt broken, full of doubt with questions of “how” and “why” while blaming themselves and feeling alone.

Enter Brain Balance. Their hope was restored and along with it their son and their family.  The desire to provide this same hope to other families feeling lost and afraid fueled a major shift in their professional and personal lives.  After spending nearly 20 years helping to move a technology start-up from concept to a publicly-traded company, Nate chose to use the experience gained as a leader within professional services, product management, sales, and marketing to spread the word and deliver the power of the Brain Balance Program to others.  April is a perfect complement to Nate, both in their 20 years of marriage and in her business acumen and experience. As a human resources professional, April is able to focus on creating a positive and fulfilling workplace, filled with compassionate, dynamic and energized team members. Together, our amazing team ensures the highest quality experience for our kids and their families.  The reason for hope is real and our team invites you to experience it with us.

Dawn Morris

Dawn Morris

Program Director

Dawn brings over 20 years of experience working with children and families. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree in Theatre, she began her career engaging children in the world of the arts and artistic expression while continuing her education, earning a Master’s of Counseling and Psychology.  She continued to work with children and families in school and community-based settings, providing care for children suffering from symptoms of ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, trauma and a range of other issues. Through additional training in Trauma Informed Care and Adverse Childhood Experiences, Dawn came to understand how significantly the developing brain can be affected by adverse factors, but also how much providers and parents can do to help.

When Dawn found Brain Balance, she knew she had the perfect match for her experience and deep commitment to helping young brains function at their best through our holistic approach. She began as a Sensory Motor Coach and can often be found still joining the coaches during program time to run stations, have fun and create a special bond with our kids!

Jocelyn Cridge

Jocelyn Cridge

Lead Coach

Jocelyn graduated from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington with a B.S. in Exercise Science-Pre-Physical Therapy and a minor in Psychology.  At UNCW she also completed the paws4people service dog training program where she trained service dogs to mitigate the symptoms of disabilities for people around the country, and is now a certified service dog trainer.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her own dogs and going on outdoor adventures together with friends and family.

Jocelyn’s passion for coaching children started when she was sixteen years old as a swim instructor for kids with disabilities and she has been working with children ever since.  Her degree gave her the knowledge of health, wellness, nutrition, and all things exercise which are all essential factors to the Brain Balance Program!  Jocelyn is enthusiastic about helping children become the best version of themselves and coaches them in a motivational, fun, and encouraging way.

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