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Brain Balance Wilmington, DE Reviews & Testimonials


Reviews & Testimonials from Brain Balance Wilmington, DE Families

At the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Wilmington, we love hearing stories from parents about how our program has helped their children overcome their academic, social, and/or behavioral challenges. In this video, Aimee, a Brain Balance parent, shares how our program has helped her son Jonathan make significant progress in overcoming his social and behavioral challenges. Listen to Jonathan’s story about life before Brain Balance and the changes his family has noticed since his enrollment in our program.



After years of struggling with behavioral issues, Lily’s mom brought her to Brain Balance Center of Wilmington for an evaluation. Our center developed a personalized plan for Lilly based on her specific needs. After working with Brain Balance for a few weeks, Lily began showing signs of progress, including better behavior and affection.



We originally placed our son into the 12 week summer program because he was struggling with math, reading comprehension, and reading retention. We were pleasantly surprised by his improvement in other areas (ones we knew he needed improvement in, but not considered by us a “high priority”), like greatly improved balance – used to hate his bike, scooter, and skateboard, but now uses all 3 well. His gym teacher has noticed improved coordination, more desire to participate, and is now one of the faster runners in class. He even said he wants to be a gym teacher when he grows up – big deal coming from someone who used to LOATHE gym! He no longer complains of daily stomach issues and has had a reduction in daily headaches. Friends and family have commented that he has “come out of his shell” more. He still struggles with math but has shown more patience and perseverance during homework. – Jennifer H., 10 year old son diagnosed with Aspergers/Autism

“My son and I were both having a bad day and I was once again late to pick him up from school and get to Brain Balance. He started to harp on me for being late and I right back at him with my excuses. I told him in a serious tone, that I had a bad day and could not help but pick him up late. He too, told of his bad day. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, he said “I guess we both had a very bad day.” We rode the rest of the way in silence, keep in mind he was sitting in the back where he always sits whenever we drive anywhere. After his lesson finished, he sat in the front seat and we talked, joked, and laughed the 30 minutes it took to get home. As we pulled into our street, I realized that I was no longer in a bad mood – I was happy and more importantly – so was he! I thanked him for making such a “crappy day, turn into a great day.” We haven’t had a real exchange of conversation EVER! I am usually telling him to sit up straight or comb his hair or finish his homework. We never talk – but today we did – and it was wonderful!” – Kelly S., 15 year old son who struggled with Social Interactions, anxiety and Aspergers

“I loved Brain Balance mainly because it actually helped unlike many other programs I have been through. The best part of Brain Balance was working with my school friend because he is my opposite and my best friend. I got to see not only my improvement but his also and we both have changed for the better. Also being able to work with him shows me who he really is and how he behaves when his and my “disadvantages” are exploited. I got to see how closely we depend on each other when challenged. He and I both went into this program thinking it would be like every other programs we went through, expensive and useless. However Brain Balance has helped both of us to improve socially and academically whether or not he can see it I can see change in both of us. Doing this program has showed me that our so called “disadvantages” are easily seen as faults but Brain Balance in a way does not get rid of them as much as it rounds them out. We have learned how to use our ADHD to help us focus on what needs to be focused on and tune out the outside noise. He is now much more attentive when he needs to be and the same with me. Finally we realized that we both depend on each other and when we work together and encourage each other we can do a lot more. We both think that we are better by ourselves but in reality it has been shown the opposite of that. We made Brain Balance the best experience we could make it for each other and we had fun doing it. Brain Balance is by far the most helpful program that I have been through and while they may seem to do some interesting things they all helped us both.” – Ethan W., 15 year old boy who wrote about his own Brain Balance experience.

“My son is 7 years old and was diagnosed with PDD-NOS when he was three. Over the summer, he went through the Brain Balance Program. We are very pleased with the changes we are seeing. My son had an aid with him in school last year and again this year. He started this school year very happy and upbeat. His aid reported that socially, he is doing much better. He is asking other kids to play at recess. He is more actively engaged in interactive play (no longer parallel). He is not talking to himself like he did last year. A change in routine/schedule does not seem to phase him. This was not so last year. At home we are seeing wonderful changes. He is making connections with his thoughts and expressing his feelings in more detail. There just seems to be more of an awareness! He doesn’t seem to be in his own world anymore.” – A Wilmington Brain Balance Parent


Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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