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Our Favorite Holiday Activities

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The holiday season poses unique challenges for children and teens not only with sensory processing issues but also for those grappling with ADHD, hyperactivity, and anxiety. The festive atmosphere, characterized by dazzling decorations, bright lights, and bustling activities, can be overwhelming for kids with sensory processing issues due to stimuli like flashing lights, loud music, and crowded spaces, potentially leading to sensory overload. Simultaneously, individuals dealing with ADHD may find it challenging to navigate the increased stimulation and maintain focus during the holiday season, exacerbating symptoms of hyperactivity.

Moreover, the break from the usual school routine, while generally exciting for most children, can pose particular difficulties for those with ADHD and sensory processing issues who thrive on predictability and familiarity. The alteration in structure and routine can disrupt their sense of stability, contributing to heightened stress levels and difficulties in adapting to the holiday schedule. Social gatherings and family events, integral to the holiday season, may also be emotionally and sensory demanding for children dealing with ADHD, hyperactivity, and anxiety, with factors like hugs, handshakes, and crowded environments becoming potential stressors.

Here is a quick sneak peek of just one of our recommended brain-building, holiday activities included in your free guide:

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Recognizing the unique challenges faced by children with these conditions during the holidays, Brain Balance offers a free downloadable resource for parents. This resource includes recommendations for holiday break activities that boost brain function, sensory-calming suggestions, and a brain-healthy holiday treat recipe. These tools aim to assist parents in creating a supportive and understanding environment, helping their children manage sensory input, mood, and hyperactivity effectively during the festive season.

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