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Help for Leaky Gut in Children

Watch our video to learn more about the signs and symptoms of Leaky Gut in children!


The link between Leaky Gut Syndrome and Neuro-Developmental Issues   

Leaky Gut Syndrome occurs when the lining of the intestinal wall becomes compromised, undigested food particles and waste products can get through and enter the bloodstream. When this occurs, the immune system responds with inflammation throughout the body.*

This Inflammation can lead to symptoms like gastrointestinal issues, headaches, fatigue, rashes, achy joints, allergies, inability to focus, sleep disturbances and changes in mood or behavior.  

If your child is experiencing the above symptoms, he may benefit from simple diet changes, outlined in our Balance 360 clean eating system, the healthy nutrition component to the Brain Balance Program.

Parents saw, on average, a 42% improvement in their child’s ability to learn in school after completing the Brain Balance program**.

Learn more about how the Brain Balance Program gets to the root of the problem and can help support improved health and behavior for your child.  Watch how Brain Balance can uncover your child's full potential.

Get started with a plan for your child today!