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New Collaboration with Cambridge Brain Sciences!

We are excited to formally launch our collaboration with Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS), a leader in developing engaging assessments of brain function and brain health, trusted by health and wellness providers around the world to obtain accurate, quantified, and scientifically-validated measures of cognition.

Details on the Brain Balance/Cambridge Brain Sciences Collaboration

Cognition Study

Brain Balance is collaborating with CBS on a variety of efforts from a research and program perspective. This collaboration will be assessing the Brain Balance program to measure the degree of improvement and outcomes for the children we serve.  This includes providing access to data as part of a research study to gain more insight into changes in cognitive development over time and how developmental concerns impact cognition in children and young adults. We are offering you the opportunity to be part of this valuable study. 



The data collected over the next year, through both child and young adult cognitive assessments, will allow scientists at Cambridge Brain Sciences to better understand what cognitive development looks like in individuals who struggle with a myriad of challenges, including, but not limited to, ADHD, ASD, dyslexia, processing disorders, high functioning autism and anxiety.   

CBS Cognitive Testing Now Part of Brain Balance Assessment

Brain Balance centers nationwide, are now using CBS cognitive testing in part of their student assessments. Assessments are given at the beginning and end of the Brain Balance program to compare data and showcase individual results.

This online test measures key areas including concentration, memory, reasoning and verbal skills.  

Help Find Answers to What Leads to the Development of Cognition in Children

Be part of this anonymous study! The purpose is to identify the factors that contribute to the development of higher-level cognitive abilities in children. Children ages 7 - 14 will be asked to complete 12 cognitive games that measure working memory, verbal ability, reasoning and attention. Parents of participants will help to complete a demographic questionnaire about the child. 



Dr. Adrian Owen

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Adrian Owen is the renowned neuroscientist behind Cambridge Brain Sciences. He has developed the tasks and conducted the research behind them for over 25 years.

Adrian Owen's cognitive testing research and the Cambridge Brain Sciences tasks have been extensively used to make discoveries about disorders that affect the brain, such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, depression, autism, and ADHD.

Studies of healthy people have also revealed how cognition changes over the lifespan, and in response to lifestyle choices such as hobbies and exercise.