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Brain-Boosting Summer Tips and Routine Chart

Watch our video for tips on summer activities that support your child's brain development!

Summer can be overwhelming for children who struggle with learning and behavioral challenges.

Children who struggle often have difficulty making a smooth transition out of the school routine and into the new reality of summer life. Your child may be excited that the school year is over with the anticipation of lazy days, but the idea of summer break may make parents feel stressed.

When the school break begins, so does a break in the routine that comes with a typical school day. A child struggling with developmental delays need structure and routine, especially those who may experience anxiety, ADHD, ODD and learning disorders.

During the summer, a consistent routine filled with activities to support brain development is extremely important. So, we created a Brain Boosting Summer Routine Chart to help you keep your child on track this summer! You can also read our tips for managing your kids' downtime to help make summer more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. 

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