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Summer Activities That Boost Brain Development

Watch our video for tips on summer activities that support your child's brain development!

The Importance of Outdoor Play and Exercise

When the hot summer days arrive it can be challenging to get your child outside and moving. It is easy to just turn on the TV or hand your child a device. The right outdoor activities can improve motor skills, enhance coordination and balance all while boosting their brain development!

Sometimes it is a struggle to find summer activities that are both educational and engaging. Children tend to gain more weight when they are out of school and not engaged in summer activities that keep them moving. 

Summer is a great time to get your child on the right track by promoting independent playtime and encouraging their outdoor creativity and imagination. If you are looking for ideas, we have put together some of our favorite summer activities for you. You can do all of these with your whole family to spend quality time together while also helping your child’s brain get ready for back to school.

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