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How to Find the Perfect Summer Camp for Your Child

As the warmer weather rolls around, it's time to consider summer camp options for your child. Just like choosing a great school that knows the best way to work with your son or daughter, you'll want to carefully screen and choose a summer camp that will play to their strengths and know how to handle unique behavioral, social or academic issues. Here are some tips for finding the perfect summer camp for your child.

Remember the Routine

If your child is on the spectrum, you know how important routine is. Shaking things up by no longer having a school schedule can be tough enough⏤throw in carefree, long summer days and you might just have a recipe for disaster. Luckily, summer camp is the perfect remedy. Camp can add structure to those dog days, making it a great option for children with autism. Do some research on camps in your area (Autism Speaks has a great list) and ask questions regarding their experience with children like yours. You may find out that enrolling your child in a structured summer camp is the best choice you make this season!

Focus on Passions

Does your child have behavioral issues such as ADHD? Is the idea of sending your child to summer camp overwhelming? Instead of focusing on all the challenges that summer camp could pose, try focusing on her passions and finding a camp that can foster them. Sports camps give kids a great outlet for restless energy, while art or science camps can be a great fit for a child who is easily overstimulated. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that she will thrive in an environment where she can express herself freely outside of the confines of traditional school.

Be Open and Upfront

As you look into summer camp options for your child, remember to walk her through what to expect. The last thing you want to do, of course, is inform her at the last minute of the decision to send her to camp. This is especially true of children who have difficulty with sensory processing. Be sure to walk her through what to expect in this transition, as well as what will be offered at camp. This way, by the time you drop her off, she'll know exactly what fun she's in for!
Summer can be a difficult time for children who thrive on routine. However, by carefully doing your research, focusing on what makes your child tick and being upfront about the process, you will be on your way to making this summer one your child will remember for years to come!
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