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Behavior Chart for Kids

A Behavior Chart Can Help Create Structure

A child with behavioral issues can be challenging and frustrating for the entire family. As a parent, you may notice that if you don't maintain a strict daily structure your child's behavior can worsen and your child may become more difficult to manage. Consistency and structure are necessary components of any child's healthy development especially kids with behavioral challenges. 

One behavioral technique to help keep your child on track is to document their behavior both good, needs improvement or neutral. Behavior charts are one of the fastest and easiest behavior modification tools available today.  Most children love the immediate feedback these reward charts offer, which helps keep them motivated.

Our behavioral chart includes suggested behaviors to enforce with easy to follow graphics that shows your child's daily behavior.

Keep in Mind: Often behaviors can be a red flag to gaps and holes in your child's development.  If behavioral strategies are not changing your child's behavior, this may be the time to dig deeper to find out if there is an underlying cause to these behaviors so you can address the cause, not just the outcome. Learn more about how Brain Balance gets to the root of the issue to help your child uncover their potential. Watch our video to see what makes our program unique!

behavior chart for kids


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