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Next Steps

You are confirmed for your Brain Balance Assessment Meeting. We are excited to talk with you!

To prepare for your assessment, we have sent two items you'll  need to complete before your appointment. We will review both during our meeting. Please be on the lookout for the items below.

  1. We will send you a Cognitive Assessment via email to measure focus, memory and reasoning skills. The results will provide insight into any areas of challenge. Look for subject line "Complete your Brain Balance Cognitive Assessments."

    Please complete your Cognitive Assessment sent to your email from Cambridge Brain Sciences. Within the email, there is a link to take the assessment in your web browser. It is best to complete the assessment on a computer. Please allow 30 mins to complete.

  2. Complete your Self Observation Forms we will send you via text and email prior to our meeting. Look for subject line "Appointment Confirmation- Complete your self evaluation forms." Please answer each question to the best of your ability. The answers are confidential and will be discussed in our meeting in relation to your goals.