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A special gift for you!

Follow the steps below to receive our special Clean Eating E-cookbook, designed by our registered dietitians. This handy e-cookbook is filled with 25 healthy recipes to help kick start your family's new year goals.


5 Steps to Get Started Today!

Step 1  Fill out the form

Step 2  We'll call you to schedule an assessment

Step 3  Complete your child’s assessment before February 18th, 2020

Step 4
  Receive your “Clean Eating E-Cookbook."*

Step 5  Begin your child's journey to unlock their full potential

Why You Should Schedule an In-Center Assessment

Brain Balance Achievement Centers is the leading drug-free program helping kids move beyond challenges to achieve greater success and lasting change.

This personalized approach is designed to improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, sensory processing, academics and more. The program takes an integrative approach to strengthening the brain and its connections through sensory engagement, physical development, academics, and nutrition. 

Over the past decade, this comprehensive and effective program has helped thousands of individuals nationwide to improve the critical skills needed to create a brighter path for their future.**

Let Brain Balance provide your child the tools they need to succeed! 

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*Assessment must take place by 02/18/20 to be eligible for this promotion
**Individual results may vary.

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