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Brain Balance identifies the issues, sets a resolution plan and gets your child back on track.

Under-developed areas of the brain cause deficits in learning and behavior. Thankfully the brain is capable of surprising change and growth, especially the brain of a child. We assess your child through a battery of tests to identify those areas that need strengthening, then tailor a program that exercises them.

Why things happen inside the brain:

In a properly functioning brain, both hemispheres communicate equally and at lightning speed, millions of times a minute. Why Things Happen Inside the BrainIn a poorly functioning brain, the left and right sides of the brain pass on partial information, causing miscommunication. This is called Functional Disconnection, which is the root of all types of learning, behavior and social problems. Brain Balance puts the left and right brains back in sync.


BBC Program Components

  • Sensory-Motor training
  • Academic skill training
  • At-home daily exercises
  • Simple nutrition program


In-depth assessment

In-depth assessment which enables us to tailor a program specifically for your child to meet their individual needs.

1 hour 3x week

In-Center sessions consist of one 30-minute session for sensory motor training and one 30-minute session for academic skill training. Total daily time in the Center is one hour, three times a week.

12/24 weeks

In-Center sessions are completed in 12 or 24 weeks. Program length may vary based upon your child’s needs and desired results.

12-18 months

At-home daily exercises and a nutritional program with simple guidelines are followed throughout the program and continue for 9 months after the in-center sessions end.

Follow-up assessment

Follow-up assessment at the end of 12-18 months so you can see the progress your child has made.