• History

    In the early 1990’s Dr. Robert Melillo began seeing a marked increase in children with learning and behavioral issues visiting his practice. Parents were concerned and desperate to help their children. This was the beginning of a long and passionate journey for Dr. Melillo as he developed the Brain Balance Program.

  • The Ten Principles of Brain Balance

    The Brain Balance Program is the most comprehensive approach to the treatment of autism, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, and the host of other neurobehavioral and neuroacademic disorders.

  • Our Partners

    As a leading organization in the field of biomedical engineering and cognitive sciences, the F.R. Carrick Institute, located in Long Island, NY, has committed itself to the development of intervention strategies and treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Processing Disorders, and other challenges. With many scientists viewing neuro-behavioral disorders as this generation’s worst epidemic, the F.R. Carrick Institute’s track record of success in biomedical research and patent production is the perfect complement to the Brain Balance™ philosophy and why we are proud to call this top research facility our partner.

  • Franchise Info

    Join Brain Balance™ Achievement Centers and become a member of the franchise system that has been changing the lives of children struggling with academic, social and behavioral issues.