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    In the early 1990’s Dr. Robert Melillo began seeing a marked increase in children with learning and behavioral issues visiting his practice. Parents were concerned and desperate to help their children. This was the beginning of a long and passionate journey for Dr. Melillo as he developed the Brain Balance Program. Dr. Melillo’s research and extensive clinical experience led him to... Read More
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  • Own a Center

    Make an Investment that Makes a Difference. Join Brain Balance™ Achievement Centers and become a member of the franchise system that has been changing the lives of children struggling with academic, social and behavioral issues. Brain Balance™ is a nationwide system of specialized achievement centers that offer the groundbreaking Brain Balance Program®. The Brain Balance Program® is a highly effective, drug-free approach... Read More
  • Franchisee Spotlight: Tammy Bingham, Utah

    Location: Brain Balance Centers of Utah Tammy and Bo Bingham had spent four years and thousands and thousands of dollars trying to help their sons overcome various behavioral and social challenges using methods such as dietary changes, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutritional supplements, intensive behavioral therapy, private tutors and more. But nothing was producing the results they wanted. After reading Dr. Robert... Read More
  • The Ten Principles of Brain Balance

    The Brain Balance Program is the most comprehensive approach to the treatment of autism, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, dyslexia, and the host of other neurobehavioral and neuroacademic disorders. It is a totally holistic program that has proven to achieve measurable changes in behavior and academic performance. At best, it can permanently correct these disorders -- meaning symptoms totally disappear. At least, symptoms... Read More