Brain Balance Achievement Center of Wilmington Supports Children with Dyslexia

A Drug-Free, Integrated Approach To Dyslexia

The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Wilmington is dedicated to helping children struggling with learning, behavioral, or social interactions reach their goals both inside and outside of the classroom. The first step of your child’s journey with Brain Balance is taking their personalized assessment. This assessment helps us to identify each child’s unique challenges and develop a personalized plan that will help the child overcome those struggles.Your child’s in-center sessions are individualized based on his or her assessment results. These sessions will activate the weaker areas of your child’s brain in order to increase function.

Our integrated, whole-child approach combines in-center sessions, activities, and nutrition in order to achieve the best results for your child. Included in each child’s customized program regimen are academic activities, sensory motor training, home exercises, and a healthy eating plan.

Assistance For Children With Dyslexia

Services provided through Brain Balance can help to provide positive reinforcement for children with dyslexia. Our services help children achieve their goals and overcome their social, behavioral, and academic struggles. If you’re looking for assistance for a child with dyslexia, please get in touch with our center to take the next step.