The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Wilmington’s Approach to Asperger Syndrome *

Helping Children Succeed in Wilmington

Watching your child struggle at home or inside the classroom can be difficult for parents to face. We understand the difficulty, and we want to help you and your child unlock their full potential. The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Wilmington helps children overcome their academic, behavioral, and social issues without the use of drugs or medication. The Brain Balance Program has helped children throughout the country overcome their challenges through an integrated approach that considers the whole-child. Our program helps to uncover the root cause of your children’s challenges and combines the use of academic activities, sensory motor training, nutrition plans, and at-home activities to help them lead a more successful academic and personal life.

Your child’s journey with Brain Balance starts with taking a personalized assessment. The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Wilmington will use what we learn from their assessment results to put together your child’s personalized plan. By doing this for each child, we create a customized program that addresses any difficulties your child may have.

Assistance For Children With Asperger Syndrome

Through our personalized plans and integrated approach, Brain Balance services can help provide assistance for children with Asperger syndrome. Our program helps children reach their goals and overcome their behavioral, social, or academic challenges. To learn more about Asperger syndrome alleviation for your child, please contact our center.

*Now considered a part of ASD