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We Help Kids Who Struggle With Asperger Syndrome *

Brain Balance Achievement Center of Peoria Supports Children With Asperger’s Syndrome *

Help and Hope For Families In Peoria Through Brain Balance

It can be tough for parents to watch their children struggle and not know how to help them. The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Mesa has a plan for children with Asperger’s syndrome. Through the Brain Balance Program’s integrated approach,tens of thousands of children across the county have been able to overcome their academic, social and behavioral challenges, without the use of drugs. In order to help your child achieve their goals, The Brain Balance Program uses a combination of academic activities, sensory motor training, dietary guidelines, and exercises for children to use at-home.

Our personalized assessment is the first step of The Brain Balance Program after enrollment. The results of your child’s assessment will be used by the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Mesa to develop a personal plan that is customized to your child’s needs. Each child’s program regimen is created specifically for that child and will target any deficits in functions or skills.

*Now considered a part of ASD

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How The Brain Balance Program Works With Asperger’s Syndrome

Often described as high-functioning autism*, Asperger syndrome (now considered a part of ASD) is a pervasive developmental disorder on the autism spectrum. Asperger Syndrome is characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and motor coordination issues as well as displaying signs of restrictive and repetitive behaviors. Children with Asperger Syndrome may find reading social cues challenging and may not understand subtleties, such as humor, sarcasm, or irony. Although these children may struggle with many of the social and sensory issues of those that are higher on the autism spector, they tend to have average to above-average IQs and well-developed vocabularies. The Autism Society cites that one of the major differences between Asperger syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders is there is no speech delay in Asperger’s.

Our approach to addressing Asperger syndrome focuses on combining individualized sensory motor and academic activities that address right-brain connectivity and associated behavioral issues. Whether your child is struggling at home or in the classroom, The Brain Balance program can help to address the challenges of Asperger syndromes through our holistic approach. By identifying the areas where we find the greatest need for improvement, our program can help children improve their developmental functions. Uncovering the root cause of your child’s challenges is what makes The Brain Balance Program effective in helping children with high-functioning autism and Asperger syndrome. We invite you to read through our stories from Brain Balance parents to learn more about how our program is positively impacting the lives of children. *It is important to speak directly with your Doctor concerning the presence or confirmation of any diagnosis of a spectrum disorder.

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If your child is struggling with reading body language, maintaining eye contact, attention, and mood, as well as regulating repetitive behaviors, the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Peoria can help. Call (480) 401-1220 to learn more about how Brain Balance can help children with Asperger syndrome or sign up online today to schedule your child’s personalized assessment.

How the Program Works

A Non-Medical, Drug-Free, Whole Child Approach To Get Your Child On Track

The Brain Balance Program is a non-medical and drug-free approach to overcoming the challenges of ADHD, learning disabilities, processing disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, and a host of other related childhood learning and developmental issues. Our integrated approach combines physical and sensory motor exercises with academic skill training and healthy nutrition.

Your Child's Personal Plan

Brain Balance Personalized Assessment

For over a decade, the Brain Balance Program has helped tens of thousands of children with learning and developmental issues through our integrated, whole-child approach. The Brain Balance Personalized Assessment is an objective and quantifiable measurement of each area of function – motor, sensory, behavioral, social, emotional, and academic – allowing us to better understand your child’s unique challenges.

Support Every Step of The Way

Support Every Step of The Way

One thing you will never be at a loss with at Brain Balance is the complete support of our staff. We work with a very diverse set of kids every day. For years we’ve worked with many different challenges and behaviors, without judgment, using our experience to help every child and every parent find success within our program. You will never feel out of place, or out of line when you ask and need help.