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Is Brain Balance right for your child?

Start with our preliminary assessment. Our Brain Balance Online Assessment will provide some insight into your child’s challenges, and how it relates to what is happening in the brain.

This does not replace our Personalized Assessment, which takes place in the Center. The Personalized Assessment tests hundreds of functions and provides specific feedback on your child’s unique challenges.

The information you provide is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. We understand the sensitivity of this information and would never compromise your trust in us.

Research & Results

Parents surveyed before and after their child completed 5-6 months of the Brain Balance Program reported an average of 40-60% improvement in their children's emotional well-being. Learn more

About Brain Balance

Watch an overview video to learn about the program’s whole-child approach and hear from parents about the positive changes they experienced with their child. Learn more

What parents say about Brain Balance