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Self-Assessment Results 

Thank you for spending the time to complete this self-assessment. The graph below shows how your child’s behavior compares to age-appropriate behaviors in each category.

Here’s how to interpret these results:

1. The green portion of the arrow below shows the range for age-appropriate function in each of your concern areas.

2. When any of the blue result bars are positioned in the red zone, it is an indicator that your child may be behind in developmental milestones expected for their age. These gaps can indicate that there are aspects of cognitive development that may be holding your child back.

Age Appropriate Function

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So what does this mean for your child?

We think of this gap as untapped potential, and that’s where we can help. The Brain Balance Program is designed to get cognitive development back on track. More than 45,000 families have joined the program to strengthen their cognitive skills, with the goal of lasting change and improvement in these areas.

The key is understanding these challenges from a brain-based, developmental approach so targeted improvements can be made.

Your observations have already provided helpful insight. We can build on this with a comprehensive cognitive assessment, which will give you clear and measurable details on your child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses. With the results of the assessment, we can identify specific areas of development that need strengthening, and create a customized program that addresses your child’s unique needs.

One of our Brain Balance coaches will reach out to you shortly to talk more about these results, your concerns, and how we can help you and your family. You can also call us directly at 800-877-5500. We’re here for you!

Call 800-877-5500

Research & Results

Parents surveyed before and after their child completed 5-6 months of the Brain Balance Program reported an average of 40-60% improvement in their children's emotional well-being. Learn more

How it Works

Watch a 5-minute overview to learn about the program's whole-child approach and hear from parents about the positive changes they experienced. Learn more

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