The Brain Balance Program

Dedicated to helping children in West Omaha: Elkhorn-Millard meet their social, behavioral, and academic goals, The Brain Balance Achievement Center of West Omaha: Elkhorn-Millard provides children with an individualized plan that helps them overcome their unique challenges. To create this plan, children are given a personalized assessment at a local Brain Balance Center. This assessment helps us to identify each child’s challenges so that their personalized plan addresses each of their struggles. We include academic activities, sensory motor training, and dietary guidelines in each child’s individualized plan, because we believe that these activities are valuable in developing an integrated, whole-child approach.

In addition to our individualized plan, sports participation can help your child overcome their challenges and reach their goals. Sporting activities give children the opportunity to practice social skills, build core muscles (posture), strengthen their endurance, and improve coordination. In addition to helping children socially and physically, participating in sports can help children mentally.