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Sports Participation and The Brain Balance Program

The Brain Balance Program

Dedicated to helping children in West Omaha: Elkhorn-Millard meet their social, behavioral, and academic goals, The Brain Balance Achievement Center of West Omaha: Elkhorn-Millard provides children with an individualized plan that helps them overcome their unique challenges. To create this plan, children are given a personalized assessment at a local Brain Balance Center. This assessment helps us to identify each child’s challenges so that their personalized plan addresses each of their struggles. We include academic activities, sensory motor training, and dietary guidelines in each child’s individualized plan, because we believe that these activities are valuable in developing an integrated, whole-child approach.

In addition to our individualized plan, sports participation can help your child overcome their challenges and reach their goals. Sporting activities give children the opportunity to practice social skills, build core muscles (posture), strengthen their endurance, and improve coordination. In addition to helping children socially and physically, participating in sports can help children mentally.

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Enhanced Processing, Improved Attention Span, and Better Moods Through Sports

Studies show that exercise can help children process information at a faster pace than those who do not engage in any physical exercise. This was evident in a 2014 Pediatrics study where faster processing speed was prevalent among children who exercised. Being able to think faster can help children with learning issues stay on pace with classwork for academic success.

Focusing requires children to pay attention to the subject being discussed. This is often a difficult task for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other childhood developmental disorders. However, studies show that exercise enhances attention spans. For instance, one 2016 Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders study shows that jogging helped to improve the attention span for children with ASD and ADHD. These findings demonstrate that exercises such as jogging can improve brain health in children with these conditions.

When children get moving, they feel happier. That's because when you exercise, natural stress-fighting brain chemicals are released. Improving moods is instrumental in improving symptoms of depression. For example, exercise can help reduce adverse aspects of depression, such as rumination and negativity.

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The Brain Balance Program has been successful in helping thousands of children, and we can help your child too. If you think that your child could benefit from our program, call our center today and sign up online for a personalized assessment. We are excited to see your child reach their goals!

How the Program Works

A Non-Medical, Drug-Free, Whole Child Approach To Get Your Child On Track

The Brain Balance Program is a non-medical and drug-free approach to overcoming the challenges of ADHD, learning disabilities, processing disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, and a host of other related childhood learning and developmental issues. Our integrated approach combines physical and sensory motor exercises with academic skill training and healthy nutrition.

Your Child's Personal Plan

Brain Balance Personalized Assessment

For over a decade, the Brain Balance Program has helped tens of thousands of children with learning and developmental issues through our integrated, whole-child approach. The Brain Balance Personalized Assessment is an objective and quantifiable measurement of each area of function – motor, sensory, behavioral, social, emotional, and academic – allowing us to better understand your child’s unique challenges.

Support Every Step of The Way

Support Every Step of The Way

One thing you will never be at a loss with at Brain Balance is the complete support of our staff. We work with a very diverse set of kids every day. For years we’ve worked with many different challenges and behaviors, without judgment, using our experience to help every child and every parent find success within our program. You will never feel out of place, or out of line when you ask and need help.