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Online Assessment

Not sure if Brain Balance is the right fit for your child? Start with our preliminary online assessment and discover if your child has a left or right brain imbalance.

Answer the questions below to gain preliminary insight into your child’s functional strengths and weaknesses. This does not replace our personalized assessment, which takes place in the center. The personalized assessment tests hundreds of functions and provides specific feedback on your child’s unique challenges.*

Please select each statement that applies to your child.

  • My child has had difficulty learning things like riding a bike or skipping (trouble with gross motor skills).
  • My child has difficulty staying seated at meals.
  • My child doesn’t like to touch things with his/her hands.
  • My child does not find eating pleasurable, sometimes hates eating and is not particular to sweets.
  • My child has trouble expressing emotions.
  • My child is frequently tense and doesn’t appear to be happy very often.
  • My child is argumentative (oppositional behavior) and tends to be uncooperative. A first tendency is to say no.
  • My child has difficulty forming friendships. Other kids do not call the house to play.
  • As a Student, my child is very analytical (processes ideas sequentially, step by step).
  • My child talks very close to someone’s face, seemingly invading personal space.
  • My child’s behavior is very erratic: good one day, bad the next.
  • I notice that my child craves certain foods, especially dairy and wheat products.
  • My child has fine motor problems (poor or slow handwriting).
  • My child has difficulty getting dressed independently.
  • I’ve noticed my child displays poor auditory processing.
  • In school and during homework time, my child lacks motivation but not for things they enjoy.
  • My child is withdrawn and shy with people they don’t know.
  • Often times, my child feels as if he/she is stupid or has poor self-esteem.
  • My child does not enjoy doing homework.
  • When my child appears to be prepared for a test, he/she still tests poorly.
  • My child needs to hear or see concepts many times in order to learn them.
  • I’ve noticed my child has difficulty pronouncing words (poor with phonics).
  • My child tends to exhibit task avoidance especially with academics.
  • My child catches colds frequently.

*This online assessment is neither a personalized assessment nor a diagnostic tool. It merely provides directional information to serve as a starting point for helping your child.