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Brain Balance Testimonials & Reviews | Parents Voices

Brain Balance told us that Savannah didn’t need her glasses anymore. I took Savannah back to the vision therapy office. They re-tested her and she was perfectly normal. The vision therapist asked me, “How? Tell me what you did?” So I gave them information about Brain Balance and they said, “We’re going to send people there. It’s amazing that she doesn’t need glasses anymore.


It’s something that you have to work on, just like how I’m a runner and I have to keep practicing to improve. I think we’ll always have to be doing a lot of those exercises to keep that side of his brain strong. It’s something that I just think is really important for him and was beneficial for him, physically and mentally.”
– Tricia D.


“Gavin’s change was so powerful we decided to join the Brain Balance family and move to Texas to open 3 centers as owners.”
– Jed & Kim A.


“Brain Balance was the hardest, yet most rewarding thing we’ve ever done. R.D.’s self-esteem is greatly improved. He’s able to live his life, make friends and deal with life’s troubles better.”
– Larae N.


Shayla was making big strides in her studies, in the way she was as a person, and the things that she could handle. Shayla became much happier, much more delightful to be with, and just easier.
– Cari H.


Most of our lives were spent trying to help Jacob, taking him from therapist to therapist and working with different professionals. Now, life is so different and so much better. Jacob has become very expressive. We have two-way conversations, and he shares thoughts about the world and people around him. Brain Balance opened up a world of possibilities for us.


Other people don’t necessarily see the potential in our child’s heart and their heart matters. Brain Balance could see beyond the behaviors and struggles he had. They could see that our child had good inside of him, and that there were options for him.


Within the first week of starting the program, Ryan wasn’t as revved up. Three weeks in, he started having conversations and reading facial expressions. He started to stay focused and developed fine motor skills. We’re happy because we saw him starting to enjoy things. He’s been able to make friends. Ryan changed into an entirely different person, the person he can be.
– Pennie H.


You have to trust in yourself and the program because it really and truly does work. We’ve lived it. We’ve been there. We know it works. You have to give your child that opportunity to thrive.
– Luma C.


Now Collin is in the Drama Club and auditions for plays. That takes so much confidence. The bravery he has now, he never had before. He’s gone beyond what I’d hoped for him. Collin is doing what he’s dreamt of. Now, he knows the sky is the limit. He can do anything.
– Ginger H.