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The In-Center Team

Staff PhotoOur team of friendly professionals will be there throughout the program to motivate and encourage your child and to provide you with the support and service you need. From our Program and Center Directors who conduct the assessment of your child to the academic and sensory motor coaches who administer their individual learning plans, we are committed to providing the environment, tools and information needed for your child to reach their full potential.

Sensory-Motor Coach

Responsible for the administration of each child’s sensory motor activity plan, the sensory-motor coach will assist and motivate your child to succeed in each activity throughout the session. Though not required, these coaches often hold a degree in Physiotherapy, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Sports Science, Audiology, Nursing, Chiropractic, Biology or Health/Science Studies. Prior to being certified to administer the Brain Balance Program , all sensory-motor coaches must complete more than 20 hours of supervised, in-center training.

Academic Teacher

Each child will work closely with the academic teacher to administer the academic activity plan. These teachers are typically educators, often times with a focus on special education, who work with your child to guide, support and evaluate them as they go through the academic sessions. In addition to professional training, all academic teachers are required to attend extensive Brain Balance Program training which includes over 20 hours of hands-on, supervised, in-center training.