I heard about Brain Balance through my friend; she had her daughter in Brain Balance. I spoke with her about my son and she gave me the information about how Brain Balance works with the needs of these special children. My son Leonardo was diagnosed with ADHD and he had a lot of problems with his behavior and academics. Leonardo started with the Brain Balance program in December of 2012 and in three weeks, we started noticing some changes in his behavior. Also, his teacher observed those changes. We were very surprised! At church, everybody told me something about the changes in his behavior. Eventually we noticed that Leonardo had started to read! He was very excited because he couldn’t read before he started Brain Balance! Now he is very interested in lecture- that is great for him and for us! Before the program, he couldn’t use the monkey bar on the playground; now it is easy for him. When we have a conversation with Leonardo, he stays focused on the conversation. Before, he talked about many things at the same time. He still has a little difficulty with writing, but he is much better than before! Another important aspect was that his dose of medication was reduced by his doctor.