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Jeanie Foster-Ballen

Jeanie Foster-Ballen

Executive Director

Jeanie joins Brain Balance with a passion to help children.  With her 8+ years research into ADHD/Autism and Co-morbid disorders she looks forward to partnering with your family.  What Brain Balance does that no other program does is work on ALL the senses to stimulate connections in the brain.  The comprehensive assessment helps Brain Balance come up with an individual plan just for your child.  Jeanie wishes to share her families success inside this program with your family. Join them on the path of transforming your home from chaos to calm!

“Through Therapy, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Neurofeedback, Neurodevelopment Centers, Pediatric Specialists, Autism camps, CHADD conferences, so many books we found Brain Balance Achievement Centers.  WOW, after reading Dr. Melillo’s book, Disconnected Kids, we knew this was going to be life changing for our kids.

One of our boys, diagnosed with Autism and ADHD, was up to 3 medications a day to control his hyperactivity, impulse control, inattention, and aggression.  I’ve tried over the years to reduce medication after each program with no success.  Our son has been on 5 vs 21 pills a week for the last 6 months (2/3 6th grade)  Josh changed his four finger pencil grip to normal after 3 weeks of the program; he went from super below average processing speed to normal.  Josh had severe asymmetrical neck reflex (a primitive reflex) that made it near impossible for him to write out answers (dysgraphia) which has gone from severe to mild.  I just finished his IEP and he no longer needs extended time, a behavior plan and tested above average for written skill, no longer needing an OT. *Tears of Joy!!*  Homework has gone from 2 hours a night to 15 minutes every two weeks.  He is much more compliant, not yelling at his brother every morning.  He continues to learn which foods are inflammatory and what foods help him be successful.  We still have work to do but talk about miraculous changes in less than a year of this amazing program!”


Amber Culver

Amber Culver

Program Director

Amber Culver has joined the Brain Balance team with over 12 years of experience working with children who need extra support. As the Program Director, Amber is eager to meet new families and help ease the transition into the Brain Balance lifestyle. Amber is the mom to 2 children of her own, Jayne and Cash, who inspire her to give your child the support and love they need to navigate their way through their journey with Brain Balance. When she is not busy at Brain Balance, Amber enjoys painting and being outdoors. As a native of Windsor, CO, Amber loves to take part in our local community events with her family. 

Ashley Wilbanks

Ashley Wilbanks

Assistant Director

Ashley Wilbanks is devoted to working with all types of learners and is passionate about the many wonders of the human brain. She is a certified elementary and special education teacher who earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado Boulder and her M.A. degree in special education at the University of Colorado Denver. She taught elementary resource special education in Anchorage, Alaska before returning to her native state of Colorado. Ashley is excited to work with you and your family to help your child be the best versions of themselves. Outside of Brain Balance, Ashley spends the majority of her time outside either hiking, in the garden or exploring. She cares for her dog, cats and chickens and when she can, she loves to catch an occasional Rockies game and spend time with her husband and family.

Windsor Coaches

Windsor Coaches

James Ballen

James Ballen

Director of Community Relations

My very first job at age 12 was a baby sitter.  The word spread & several families hired me.  I knew at a young age working with children was my calling.  Connecting with children is a gift (hats off to all our Educators).  Every child is Brilliant, Unique & Amazing!!

After attaining a B.S. in Exercise Science at CSU, I directed a multitude of Youth Programs in the Athletic Club Industry.   A career change in Marketing took place for the next 20 years until the introduction of Brain Balance Achievement Centers.  Now I get to work with children again, plus Market a Revolutionary Program.  Me Oh My!!  I am Honored, Emotionally Vested, Grateful & so completely Blessed.

Our Center is a “home away from home”.  Feel free to drop in.

Our Program is Ground Breaking.  Our staff is committed.  Customer Service is a priority.  Brain Balance of Windsor is a contagious “energized” group that has a successful track record of changing the lives of children & the dynamic of the family for the better.  Please join us in our crusade to advocate for children struggling with Neuro-Behavioral Disorders.  Thank you so much.  We Love our Community.

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