Just a little note of BIG THANKS for what you guys are doing!!! My son surprises me every day with new achievements! His teacher is impressed. His one-on-one aid in class is bored because my son is completing his class assignments without taking breaks or asking for help. She has been working with him for the past 3 years and said she has never seen him like this before. He marched in the parade even though he was very nervous but he DID IT! He is much more confident! Everyone at the center is like family to us already. So glad we are doing this program. BIG BIG THANKS!!!!!

This program is helping more than anything ever has before. I was afraid to come here at first because other programs haven’t worked. Brain Balance is really helping me.

I have to tell you I was playing catch with my son yesterday and he can catch very well with both hands now. His throwing had improved also. Since he was three I have been trying to teach him how to play catch. It made me so emotional I had to stop playing for a minute. He  can read me pretty well and asked why I was crying. I said it was happy tears because, ‘Before the Brain Balance Center I was not sure you would be able to play baseball.’ I told him ‘there is no crying in baseball,’ so I needed to stop. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The diet portion of the Brain Balance program brought so much awareness for not just my son, but for the whole family as well. He developed more patience – is better able to regulate his emotions when he’s upset – and he and his brother are now friends!! He’s truly enjoying school, and has definitely made a lot of progress. He’s doing GREAT!

“Last year my son used to be separated and placed in the back of the room because he would be in constant motion, spreading out his stuff everywhere, rarely even sitting in his seat, sometimes rocking back and forth. I had to brace his new teacher for some version of this behavior this year, and my son himself even told her, ‘I can’t sit still.’ The teacher said “This is not the kid I braced myself for this year.” According to his teacher, “My son is now able to sit in a pod of four desks alongside peers, keep his materials contained to his space, and engages in two way conversations with classmates. He can relate and keep up with his peers. He can feel his feelings now and even better, can express his emotions to the teacher when he is frustrated, often times preventing the typical meltdown we were so used to.” This mom didn’t have a good feeling going into the parent meeting because of past experiences and because she saw the school social worker was present (not usually a good sign). Yet it was the school social worker who was able to confirm that this was indeed a different kid from last year. She leads a lunchtime social group for kids in the cafeteria. “Last year with this child, there was food flying everywhere, food all over his face and he could not pay attention in the group. This year he is starting to recognize the other kids in the group and engage them with questions about themselves. He also respects their personal space better.” The teacher added, “He is able to communicate in written form easier, can actually sit in his seat and learn without rocking or rolling on the floor.” The teacher went on to say, “He is very very bright.” This child and his amazing potential were finally seen by adults in his school, because the behavior had diminished. The mom said, “For the first time I left a parent/teacher conference happy.

I could write a million things. There are a couple of things that I learned from being a part of Brain Balance. 1. Don’t put this off. I did, I thought it would go away on its own. I thought “give it time, time will heal”. In this case, it didn’t heal. Day after day, phone calls 2 or 3 times a day from the staff at school. Fighting, crying, frustrated,trying to figure out what I can do. Nothing. I couldn’t do a thing. 2. Just do it. Yes, I thought my God this is a lot of money, I am not a millionaire. Just struggling to make it through every day living. I did it, took my tax money, and my 401K and did it. 3. The beginning is not easy, not all. Don’t think it will be either. Lots of exercises, smoothies, actions that you never saw from your child before. But to begin, to understand that these are normal every day behaviors, that your child MUST go through is amazing. That your child never had a temper tantrum, or being able to express his or her feelings. And when they do you just to want to cry out to the world. 4.The Joy, the hugs, no phone calls, good behavior, the ups and downs, it is like having a new child. **** If i could heal one child, just one other child, other than mine. To heal their family. It would be all the worth in gold.** Your child’s future is at stake.

The help many of our children have gotten from the Brain Balance program has been absolutely phenomenal!! Many parents speak of how their child has been helped physically, educationally and nutritionally. My son (9yrs old) improved by leaps and bounds in these areas as well. I could go on and on about how much he and his life have improved. But there is another area that my son was helped in. Our family unfortunately has endured a few family emergencies and tragedies in the last month. Our son has met each one with an understanding of what was happening, to understand/know when he needed to sit quietly by our side, when to offer to help, he showed TRUE empathy, he had true emotion and most importantly he was able to communicate what he was feeling whether it was being scared or sad. Before Brain Balance he would have been off the wall, in constant movement, constant talking, unable to understand others feeling or even his own feelings. My husband and I are so proud of him, it almost brings me to tears. We will forever be thankful to all of those at Brain Balance for helping our son SO much and in ALL areas of his life.

“I am amazed at the gains he has made since working with the Brain Balance team.  His focus has increased and he has much more control over his body allowing him to excel in Martial arts.  I’m very proud of him and his accomplishments.”  

This was a quote about a student who was only through a third of the program at the time.

‘We had our teacher’s conference for “J” last night, and the news was great. He has been doing so much better in school – a change noticed from the start of November!! Transitions have been better. Apparently, before when he had to transition from circle time to desk time, he would just flop around the floor, but now he is getting up and going right to his desk. Also, much fewer tears! He is still having trouble transitioning in art (we met with his art teacher too), as drawing is his favorite activity. He’s still pinching his fellow classmates when he gets upset – but less often.’

I’ve been trying a few different ways of running math workshop, and “E” has really shined with the change! She actually led her group through the assignment yesterday and is showing some really strong understandings of counting on, and operations of addition and subtraction. Yesterday she did great, and today… she was an absolute rock star!- I promised I’d say that. Also, her behavior today was MUCH better than the past few days and this morning a little girl (who she helped with math yesterday) brought her some gifts (cards and a rubber band thing) and they sat side by side all day AND were talking about maybe having a playdate tomorrow! I think I was more excited than “E” was to hear this other little girl ravish her with attention and invite her to play!

D 9 year old male- Right Hemisphere Deficient  Time spent at West Springfield Brain Balance: 5 months Graduation Date: 02/14 Initial Concerns: “Attention and focus problems at school made it very difficult for him to keep up with classwork. He was having problems socially, making and keeping friends. Also, an inability to follow directions and accomplish almost anything we asked him to do. He also seemed to lack coordination. The biggest problem was his overall feeling of inadequacy because he was always being reprimanded.” – Dad After Program Completion:  Subjective: “D has shown improvement in virtually every area. His coordination has improved to the point that he has shown an interest in playing sports. He has a better understanding of his challenges, and no longer has the tantrums that used to plague us (his parents) and his teachers. He is more outgoing, and has shown a willingness and ability to make friends and get along with other kids. I am certain that if we has not enrolled D in the program, we would still be a ‘dysfunctional family.’ We are all much more aware of each other’s challenges, and even though we still have work to do, the progress is noticeable. I wish I had known about this sooner.” Objective: After 5 months at Brain Balance, D showed the following improvements: +10 year growth in Eye Reflexes +3 year growth in Reading Comprehension +1 year growth in Reading Fluency + 9 levels in Core Strength exercises

What motivated me to schedule an assessment? Wow, so much. [My son] was disruptive in the class to the point that I was getting phone calls everyday. He had auditory processing issues, where the teacher would speak in a certain pitch of voice, it would hurt his ears. He has a few sensitivities especially gluten and dairy. He had defiant tendencies, where he was aggressive when pulled out of class. They (non-Brain Balance) found him to have ADHD, with an IQ of 100. He was argumentative at home. He would eat gluten, dairy, or be around other things that affect his moods, and that would throw his whole day off. He would have meltdowns where he would cry for half an hour or longer. After Brain Balance, the sensory issues went away, no voice hurt his ears, he eats gluten moderately and dairy without having mood changes. I don’t get phone calls anymore about his behavior. He doesn’t understand why all the kids want to be around him now, and he is asking to go to Spanish and English tutoring without me having to prod him to go. His Spanish teacher noticed a big change in him from August, saying he understands now what to ask about, not just, “I don’t know.” He pinpoints his problems. His grades have greatly improved in English, where he recently got an 88, when he was used to getting a 55. He has learned the art of compromise. He doesn’t have meltdowns where he screams and cries for half an hour. If I could give one piece of advice to other parents, I would say don’t be like me, in denial, waiting, afraid. Trust what your gut instinct is telling you. I don’t think anyone can tell someone something, when they are reserved about doing that thing. You listen within and believe that what you’re doing for your child is amazing. When they see the results, they will know.

My son “J” was struggling with the ability to control his body. His teachers would send home notes from school stating that “J” was a distraction to his classmates because he could not sit still long enough to get through a lesson. “J” was a smart boy getting good grades but his behavior was dragging down his ability to perform in the classroom. My wife decided to explore all our options when a teacher recommended that we have “J” treated for ADHD. This was not an option that my wife or pediatrician was willing to jump to. “J” was not diagnosed with ADHD and we continued to explore options that did not involve drugs. The changes in “J’s” behavior were rapid and progressive. From the start of the program, “J’s” attitude and self esteem improved dramatically. “J” took the program seriously and was pushing himself to follow the diet program from the first day. He enjoyed doing the exercises and was soon becoming aware of his body and his surroundings. This led to a rapid change in his ability to conduct and control his body in the classroom. “J” looked forward to going to Brain Balance every other day that his older sister soon started asking if she could go too. She was watching his grades quickly rise and was excelling in the classroom, and she too wanted to join in the fun. “J” enjoyed the physical activities at Brain Balance and would continue to practice every morning before school. “J” has grown so much, and things that he was once not able to do, such as ride a bike, became things that he was now willing to try and successfully learn without getting so frustrated with himself like in the past. Being an Engineer, I am surrounded by facts and numbers everyday. I make decisions based on facts and observations. Using math and engineering principles, I can make educated decisions. When it comes to raising a child or deciding whats best for my family, I don’t always get hard facts, and sometimes we have to trust others to help us make those tough decisions. Spending the money at Brain Balance is an investment in your child. We make investments everyday in our children: what food to buy, what clothes to wear, which cars are safest, what neighborhood to buy a home in, and we do it based on the advice and recommendations of experts, friends, and family. Brain Balance should be considered the same way. I had to come to the realization that I needed to trust that the experts and the information I was getting was from a trustworthy and reliable source. Why spend the money on a safe car, or a better neighborhood to live in, if I didn’t want to provide my child with every possible advantage in life? It’s such a small investment when you realize that the changes will last a lifetime, and change your child from the inside out. How would you feel in 20 years if someone told you they could have fixed your dyslexia but your parents decided it was too much money or they didn’t have the time to invest three months. Would your kids remember that one season of sports or a lifetime of success?

R was diagnosed with ADHD, but was also suffering from extreme anxiety. It had gotten so bad; he was sleeping in a hallway closet because he was so anxious. He had to be on the same level of the house with us at all times- he would not go to sleep until he knew we were upstairs. He would sit by the window of the babysitter’s house, who happened to live across the street, watching for us to come home. He was extremely picky about what he ate (e.g. chicken nuggets in the shape of a star were OK, but in the shape of a dinosaur were not); certain textures (mashed potatoes) were out of the question. His schoolwork was suffering as well, although that felt almost secondary to all of the other issues with him. It was clear that it was exhausting just to live in his skin. When I look back at pictures now, he almost looks like a stroke patient; I can see that the entire left side of his body, including his face, looks almost paralyzed in comparison to his right side. Like he was lopsided. He wasn’t a behavior problem as much as he was a totally depressed, anxious, and struggling little guy. It was sleeping on the closet floor that made us finally call Brain Balance. After Brain Balance, what can I say? EVERYTHING is different! The most striking change was his handwriting. At the beginning, he would begin at the left side of the paper and every sentence would slant to the right. His handwriting looked like a 2nd grader, although he was almost in 6th grade. Within weeks of starting Brain Balance, his handwriting improved and every sentence began to align with the left side. Although a smart kid, he was never able to sit and read a novel. As we got to the end of Brain Balance, he read ALL of the Harry Potter books- all seven of them- from start to finish within a few weeks. Math was tougher to catch up on- but now he is in 9th grade and getting actual grades for the first time since 5th grade. His 5th grade principal told us that, “not all kids are destined for college” and that his grade of 67% meant that he actually know two thirds of what he was required to know. Now he is getting B’s in math- a miracle in and of itself! All of the anxiety has disappeared. Now R is a warm, polite, interested and engaged 15 year old. He is participating in Model UN (which involved a weekend trip to Boston!), jazz band playing the bass, and has become an avid actor and snowboarder. We, R included, continue to talk about life “Pre Brain Balance” and “After Brain Balance.” We’ll talk about something from when he was younger that was a struggle for him, and he’ll pause and say, ” You know, that was pre-Brain Balance.” Every time I hear that, I am grateful for having found this program for R. He talks about his future now and know that he can do many things if he just tries. I would absolutely recommend this program to other families. To me there was never a doubt. We were in such a tough spot, it never felt as though there was any choice. We had all our eggs in this basket, hoping it was going to work out. Thankfully, the risk was worth the reward. We were one of the first families to come through the West Springfield center and it was such a warm and comforting place, and group of people, we were sad to leave and graduate. It couldn’t have been a better experience. We felt like family.

“It’s been absolutely a game changer for our daughter and our family dynamic.”When Emmaline was 10 (she is now 12) we heard about the work of Dr. Robert Melillo at our local Austism Support Group. He is a functional neurologist. We read his book entitled, “Disconnected Kids. My husband is a doctor, so he read it from a medical viewpoint (albeit a very open minded doctor, mind you).  It was the closest thing we’d found to describing what was going on with our daughter.  At that time there only 15 Brain Balance Centers in the US. Unfortunately for us, the closest one to us here in Vermont, is West Springfield, MA. Having gone to Amherst, I was familiar with the area and also felt like I could handle the 3.5hour drive (one way) since it was mostly on 89 and 91. We had Emmaline assessed by the Center Director and learned her brain was completely built and functional but very, very imbalanced and that was what was causing her/us somany problems. Our daughter’s left hemisphere was beautifully developed, but her right hemisphere was woefully underdeveloped. She was literally a cross between a teenager on one side and toddler on the other and that’s exactly what I experienced with her every day – a tug of war. We did two rounds of the program last year (6 months) and grew her right hemisphere by 4 years. She started as a 3-4 year old on her right hemisphere and ended at a 7-8 year old level. We have since gone back and done two more rounds (6 months) this year and have again grown her right hemisphere to be that of a 10–12 year old – more age appropriate. I wish I could say that it’s an easy, direct route, but it’s not.  It’s full of leaps and regressions, but overall it’s been absolutely a game changer for our daughter and our family dynamic.  (T.F., Mom)

Brain Balance West Springfield – HealthCare News Feature Article

Taking my son to Brain Balance was a life changing experience, not just for him but our whole family. He is doing incredible now, our son who used to be so hyper and had tons of anxiety is “so chilled out now” – actual quote from my neighbor a few days ago. The staff at Brain Balance is incredible and walks hand in hand with you through the whole experience. If you are at all questioning whether you should sign your struggling child up for Brain Balance – just do it! Trust me its work for the whole family, we drove an hour and 20 minutes each way 3 days a week but I would do this all over again without question.This will change your child’s life if you embrace the program!  To view Sam’s results after attending Brain Balance for 5 months, visit: https://www.facebook.com/notes/brain-balance-center-of-west-springfield-ma/s-9-year-old-male-pdd-nos/744151655634605

He is actively more involved with every aspect of living. He tries new foods, he explores new activities, and he is remembering what he just learned!