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“We’ve had a few friends go through brain balance and they highly recommended it. So when our son started really struggling in school, with friends, and self-confidence we felt like we needed to give this a try. We were at the point where we had no idea what was going to work, but we knew he needed help that was above our capabilities to give him. So we signed him up. He started going three times a week for an hour each session. When he started he was depressed, struggling to understand what was going on in school, had really bad anxiety, was becoming aggressive, and would go from calm to sobbing in a blink and becoming withdrawn. 6 weeks into the program were noticing big changes. He was happier, looked people in the eyes more and enjoying school. My husband, who was very skeptical was amazed and said it was like our son was a completely different kid than who he had been only months before. We just finished our first three months and our entering into our second half. Our son has improved in every area of his life and we have been blown away at how much it has helped! I would recommend it in a heart beat. It has been worth every penny to see my son feeling successful in school, confident and handling new situations, and overall much happier and more involved than he has ever been!”

~R. Adams


“I am a Mother that wants the best for my child; however, my goal this year was for my son to WANT to have a great school year too. I did not want to force my child into something that he did not want to do BUT to my surprise, he was ready. Making the appointment for a Consultation was easy. Talking with the Directors of this Center is so easy and straight to the point. I did not feel like I was being sold on a “run of the mill” program and the results after my son was tested was as detailed as it needed to be. Then moving on to the actual training, my son was actually skeptical too start but the coaches here are very understanding and easy to talk to that before you know it … the training is over. My son has ADHD, is extremely impulsive, but the sweetest young man and for someone that does not like change … he loves spending time at Brain Balance Frisco. I love it here and have learned so much about my son and myself and will continue to successfully grow through the training with Brain Balance. Hope to see you soon!”

~M. Williams


“Brain Balance has done so much for my son Grant. The staff treat him with so much love and lift him up each time they see him. We have seen continued growth in so many areas of his life. He is slower to anger, more cooperative and overall easier to live with daily. We will always be grateful for our Brain Balance family!”

~K. Mindlin


“Our son has been in Brain Balance and we have seen great progress with him throughout our time there. He has severe ADHD and anxiety, and the program has helped him deal with his emotions, build confidence, and taught him to talk about his feelings, rather than act on them. Although it is a long road, we love the positive changes we have seen so far.”

~M. Devries


“We started balance in December 2016 and noticed significant changes within the first month. We have now been enrolled for 2 and a half months and have witnessed puzzle pieces coming together in him. He is able to comprehend simple instructions and process situations while being more aware of his surroundings. He has always been our social butterfly but struggled with in depth communication. It’s a blessing to be able to watch him have the conversations he’s been longing for, And grasp a better understanding of the bigger picture. He surprises me every day. His hand-eye coordination has improved tremendously which has helped with sports. He is thriving academically for he has become teachable and is making friends, something for us as parents are something we have only dreamed of to this point. I can only imagine where he will be at the end of this program. The staff has become more like family and my son adores them. All of the hard work put into this has been so beneficial and worth every second, even on the really hard days (and there are A LOT of really hard days). I am so thankful that brain balance has come into our lives to transform it for the better.”

~J. Miner

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