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Our son has been in therapy for the past 6 years. Earlier diagnoses of autism, apraxia, CAPD, fine motor skills delay etc. all turned out to be wrong. Something was lacking, namely a treatment plan that would address all of the symptoms and provide us with a solution and a discipline that targets the source of the issues. That is until we heard about Brain Balance. What we have received from Brain Balance is a comprehensive treatment plan that targets everything from physical fitness, to vision and speech therapy, nutritional advice, cognitive ability and many other areas. Since we have started coming to Brain Balance, we have seen an improvement in primitive reflexes, improved attention/focus at school, and the reflection of this in the excellent grades he has been getting at school.

Brain Balance has been awesome for our 15 year old son. When we first came, my husband tended to think it of it as something akin to voodoo. But now he sings Brain Balance’s praises. We are so pleased with our son’s improvements and are more optimistic about he future.

When Colby first started, he was prone to emotional outbursts and couldn’t play sports. Today he is his teacher’s favorite student and he is always climbing trees. He is very active with other kids. He plays ball and has a lot of fun. Colby now listens and pays attention when being talked to. He’s gone from hiding under a table screaming to being funny and charming. People love him. Thanks to Brain Balance, our son’s future is much brighter.

Our son’s name is Michael with ADD/ADHD and to begin his journey with brain balance I have to start at the beginning right before he started… He was a very busy 5yrs old, when I say busy I mean this…he literally could not look at you for more than a second without looking around and definitely could not handle a task as easy as picking up a few toys without moving on to something else in about 5 seconds after you asked him. He is such a fun loving boy but just could not stop moving. He started kindergarten and he was so excited but, in the first three weeks my husband and I were called and in meetings almost daily because he just could not sit still and always wanted to play. They were calling in the behavioral specialist on the second week of school just to see if she could help. I knew this was not going to work and we were not going to put our son on medication; that was just not an option. We didn’t want anything to change his sweet and fun personality but didn’t know what to do, we were beside ourselves. During this time he also played soccer and was in his first season when one of the parents told us about Brain Balance. We thought let’s give this a shot, we were desperate! I have to say from the moment we walked in the door we knew this is where he was supposed to be. The staff was just amazing not only did they help Michael from the minute he got there they loved him too! Every day we went he was so excited to go! Three weeks into the program, not only did we start seeing changes but our family and friends did too! I started taking him shopping with me and instead of running off he would stay right with me and I was shocked!  Every day we would pick somewhere different to go and it stayed the same, he would stay with me and we would have a great time! We could now carry on a conversation with our son! He would actually say, “Mom look in my eyes. I’m talking to you.”  We were like, “Is this our son, our busy boy? No way! Yes it is!!!” I am homeschooling him through kindergarten and we cannot wait for him to start school again next year. The principal and assistant principal can’t wait to see Michael again, with his new found love for learning, and he can actually focus! Before he would guess at letters and learning and now HE gets it and I am still amazed how great he is doing! We would do this all over again no matter what the cost if we knew this was going to be the outcome! I tell you this with tears down my face because his life, our life is forever changed! This program works!! If you have a child struggling with these issues you have to try Brain Balance in Plano! All of the employees there truly love and enjoy helping children and it shows! Our son loves them all and wants to go back, we love them all! The Brain Balance team and program were a blessing in our life!   Carla M 2013

Our Brain Balance Story As parents, we never wanted to compare our second daughter to our first, but deep down knew that something wasn’t completely clicking for Selah, even though she was a very smart girl.  Homework and reading should not have been that much of a struggle.  Beginning at the age of four, we asked each of her teachers if there was the possibility of Selah having Dyslexia.  Each teacher reassured us that the flipping of her letters, slow reading, and poor handwriting were all “age appropriate”.  But now she was in second grade at a charter school with predominantly higher level students and the gap seemed to get bigger between her performance and the class expectations.  Putting it mildly, homework was a struggle.  What should’ve taken 30 minutes would last for hours as her focus wasn’t there and she preferred to do gymnastics on the kitchen chairs instead of sitting in them to do her homework.  Unfortunately more times than I would like to admit, homework sessions would end in tears or frustration on both of our parts. We tried all we knew to do.  Helping her with homework, tutoring with her teacher after school, RTI (which at our school means “Response To Intervention” and is kind of like tutoring on steroids where she would be pulled out of class to receive help a few times a week) and constant prayer.  Finally, the school tested her for Dyslexia at the end of second grade and she was officially diagnosed.  We were able to get her set up to begin third grade with the much needed accommodations for Dyslexia and begin her in the school Dyslexia program which will last for about 2 ½ years. We knew that we needed to do more.  Selah is a sweet, joy-filled girl who is very aware of her feelings and those around her.  She always gets great remarks for her behavior in school and often has won the “Star Student” award.  However, she began to notice the gap between her own performance and that of her classmates and heard a few hurtful comments from other students in regard to her reading.  We shared with my parents what was happening.  My parents didn’t want Selah to have a negative experience with school, or worse yet have this challenge deteriorate her fun loving personality or her self-esteem.  My mom, who lives in Tulsa, OK, told me to check out Brain Balance online.  She had found out about it from one of my sister’s who was a teacher and had been exposed to the program in Tulsa through a teacher seminar.  My parents generously offered to pay for Selah’s Brain Balance program if we felt like this was the best route for her to do at that time. During the summer before third grade we contacted the Brain Balance Center in Plano, Texas.  The Center Director and staff were very knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond to our communications.  Soon we had Selah at Brain Balance for her Cognitive and Sensorimotor Assessments.  As we suspected, there were areas that she scored great on and others that could be greatly improved.  We began the program in August of 2013.  The program was very thorough and helped to address diet, exercise, cognitive skills, sensorimotor skills and so on.  We felt a little overwhelmed at first with all that went into this intense program, but we knew that this was a short season and believed it would be worth it.  We let Selah pick a big prize to work towards if she tried her best at school and the Brain Balance program.  We committed to doing our best at the program too and Selah began to look forward to her sessions at Brain Balance. About mid-way through the program we noticed some changes in Selah.  For the first time in Selah’s life she had chosen to read a Chapter book for fun on her own!  We considered this a miracle!  Her reading slowly became smoother, while her sleeping patterns and focus improved.  By the end of the program her assessment scores were all at age level or above.  In Selah’s words, Brain Balance helped her to focus.  Her self-discipline, confidence, and self-esteem improved too.  Selah received her purple electric Razor scooter as her prize for doing her best with a good attitude throughout the program. It has been just over 3 months since Selah finished at Brain Balance.  Her teacher has commented numerous times how far she has come, what a wonderful student she is, and that it is hard to keep a book out of her hands.  She no longer is even recommending Selah to be in tutoring.  Although Selah continues to receive and benefit from Dyslexia services at her school and her work may take her longer than most, the homework and reading struggles are no-where close to where we started last year!  The tears and frustration have ceased, and now she has been able to spend less time on her homework and more time being a child and riding her prize scooter with friends after school.   Tiffany & Brian (Selah’s proud parents)

The biggest thing we noticed in DK was how calm he became and matured up to his age level. I think that was mainly because of his diet change, but I’m sure the exercise at Brain Balance worked as well. Customer service was great. The director was great. I wouldn’t change a thing.

My niece went through the program with success, so when Eli began struggling at the beginning of the school year last year, I attended a dyslexia seminar with my sister at Brain Balance. After listening to Debby speak and talking with her after the seminar, I knew brain balance was the place for Eli! His reading has improved greatly! He now loves to read where it was a struggle before. The changes in his diet helped his behavior greatly, and we now use many supplements to help us out as well. Everyone at brain balance was great.

Sullivan was struggling in her Kindergarten class. She had a very new teacher who did not know how to help her focus and get motivated. She would not sit still for meals or even watch en entire TV show to the end. Her teacher was frustrated and we were nervous. We started Brain Balance in the Spring of 2013, while she was still in Kindergarten. We did the home exercises and worked the nutritional aspect of her plan, too. At the end of the program, we had a different child – she could watch a whole TV show! She found a love for reading and rejoined her friends in school activities. She still moves a lot – but we know this about her and know it is normal. She is the child that helps the teacher by taking things to the library to to other teachers. And Sullivan made A honor roll this past year! Brain Balance helped our whole child. Not only is she participating and thriving, but we know her so much better and can meet her where she is. We are thankful for the experience and would recommend it to anyone.