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“…he is officially off all medication!”

“Kylen came to Brain Balance in search for emotional, social, and academic development. Before Brain Balance, he was unable to visit new places comfortably, make new friends, peacefully coexist with his little sister, try new foods, or keep up with his grade level. Kylen struggled so much that he was put on medication for ADHD in hopes his behavior and grades would improve.

Kylen’s mom, Tiffany, would have a constant struggle trying to get through day-to-day life with her son. Even a grocery store trip would end abruptly due to Kylen feeling too overwhelmed with new faces, places, and smells, and would be forced to stop and leave. Another common occurrence is visiting grandma and grandpa’s house. Instead of Kylen walking into the house knowing it was a safe space, mom would have to physically pick him up and carry him inside, then await the meltdowns and extended struggle of him getting acclimated to a different environment. These interactions became too much for the family to handle at home. At school, Kylen was unable to socialize with his peers and that hindered his confidence to perform academically. Also, he was such a picky eater that mom could count on her hand how many foods he would eat.

Now, after going through Brain Balance, Kylen is considered a “new and improved” version of himself. He has gained so much emotional awareness both in himself and others. He can now enter a brand new pet store, greet the cashier, and hug a stranger! His ability to process social cues is also amazing. He has made so many friends at the Brain Balance center, and that transfers his social confidence in other settings; so much so Kylen and his sister can now peacefully play if mom needs to step aside to make dinner. Mom even witnessed Kylen and his sister taking turns reading each other a story! This brought a smile to her face, tears to her eyes, warmth to her soul, and joy to her motherhood.

Remember the medication he had to start taking? …he is officially off all medication! This has improved his overall demeanor, and he is now trying so many new foods! He’s eating like a healthy boy should, willing to taste new textures and flavors, even asking for second helpings of nutritious meals. These enhanced aspects of day-to-day living are so much more enjoyable for Kylen’s family. Kylen will forever be a more empowered boy because of Brain Balance.”

~Tiffany Brown