Brain Balance Achievement Center of West Omaha: Elkhorn Millard Creates Personalized Plans for Children with Dyslexia

Helping Children Reach Their Goals in West Omaha: Elkhorn Millard

Dedicated to helping children in the West Omaha: Elkhorn Millard area, The Brain Balance Achievement Center of West Omaha: Elkhorn Millard encourages children to meet their social, behavioral, and academic goals. Children enrolled in The Brain Balance Program are first given a personalized assessment. The assessment helps Brain Balance to identify each child’s unique challenges and to develop a personalized plan which helps the child to reach their goals in overcoming those struggles.

Academic activities, sensory motor training, and dietary guidelines are included in each child’s individualized plan. These activities embody our integrated, whole-child approach to help children overcome the challenges associated with dyslexia.

Relief For Children With Dyslexia

For parents looking for a service to help children with dyslexia, look no farther than Brain Balance. Every program is customized to focus on the whole child and combines a series of in-center sessions, healthy eating, and at-home activities to provide positive reinforcement for kids with dyslexia. Get in touch with our center to learn more.