“Two months after completing the program, we continue to see improvements in Taite’s socialization, academics, vocabulary and sentences!”

“Our daughter, Taite, was soon to be nine years old.  We knew that her little ways about her weren’t going to be so ‘cute’ to classmates and others the older she got.  She lacked social adequacies, was a loner, had a poor attention span, low vocabulary, and struggled to comprehend school work.  She was immature for her age, failed to participate in activities, and wouldn’t answer questions nor ask many herself.  Our understanding is that traditional therapies have a tendency to focus on strengths instead of weaknesses, and could take years before improvements may be noticeable.  And, medication was never an option for us.  It was soon revealed to us that the Brain Balance program was the only program that could produce a change in our daughter and not merely cover up symptoms or increase the imbalance even more.

The Brain Balance program would actually change our daughter’s brain and strengthen the weak areas, using a natural approach that included cognitive, sensory, physical and nutritional work. Once we enrolled in the program, changes began in Taite right away.  She began to talk more, ask questions, participate, and she seemed more awake to the world around her.  Her attention span grew within a short amount of time and she went from not being able to get through one math problem and losing her attention, to being able to complete an entire math page on her own.

Physically, we could tell she felt better.  Her energy improved and she was much stronger.  Her aid at school, upon returning from a three-month maternity leave, responded in an email to me ‘. . .  When I saw Taite for her small writing group this morning, I could not believe the change!  Before I left, she and I had little conversation and it was very difficult to keep her focused and working while I helped someone else. This morning was like a different child. She came in and knew exactly what she wanted to write about.’ Through the course of the program, Taite’s academics continued to improve substantially. She was reading better, holding her attention, understanding and completing math problems, writing clear sentences, and completing her in-class tests and school work without assistance.

We are convinced that there is no way our daughter could have made this amount of progress in this short amount of time without the Brain Balance program. To-date, two months after completing the program, we continue to see improvements in Taite’s socialization, academics, vocabulary and sentences, as well as she seems to be more aware of others and what is going on around her.  We’ve maintained our at-home exercises and specific diet to ensure she continues to progress at a healthy pace.  The Brain Balance program gave us answers, direction, instruction, assistance, and knowledge to help our daughter.  It was a privilege to provide the Brain Balance program to her!”

“[I] do well on tests, able to understand literature, and understand people’s feelings.  I’m so glad I did this program!!”

“Brain Balance has helped me a lot this year.  I’m able to do well on hard tests and figure things out when I have a hard time.  I’m mostly able to do reading by understanding the questions and explain them depending on what kind of question it is.  Thank you so much for helping me move on when I think I’m unable to do difficult tasks that really encouraged me and it helped. I just want to say that I really enjoyed being with you guys and learned a lot, while still having fun. I enjoyed exercising, reading, Math and many more.  now that this my last day with Brain Balance, I feel depressed and happy of course.

Before I head about Brain Balance, the first semester of school, I had a lot of trouble on understanding what we’re learning about.  I couldn’t take notes, I couldn’t follow along on literature, and I couldn’t do everything! But when I heard about Brain Balance from my mom, she encouraged me to do this program. I wasn’t in the mood to do it. I didn’t feel like I could join.  Then I heard from a friend who did this program and I thought about it for awhile and I knew what my mom was trying to tell me. So I decided to start this program. After awhile through this whole semester I felt a change in me. I could take a few notes, do well on tests, able to understand literature, and understand people’s feelings.  I’m so glad I did this program!! This helped me a lot. My name is Marion and I have a younger brother.

“His self-confidence is up and he willing to ask for help.”

“Year after year our son, Jacob, struggled in school. He was tested by the school system every single year and they were just pushing him along with very little intervention or knowledge of why he was having such a hard time. Then we found Brain Balance and had Jacob tested by them. the results opened our eyes to the way that Jacob was experiencing the world around him. We now know exactly why he was struggling and it was such a relief as a parent to finally know what was going on and how we could help him. His processing deficiencies were holding him back. Now we have a plan that we are following and we are seeing huge strides in Jacob both in school and everyday life. School is fun again. His self-confidence is up and he willing to ask for help. His grades are showing how hard he is working and that the program is working for him. We have had such a positive experience with Brain Balance. It has been a savior for us.”

~Molly G.

“He displayed patience and seemed less frustrated. He takes deep breaths when he feels anxious. He now takes pride in his neat handwriting.”

“My son, Duane is in the 4th grade. He had challenges in academics, coordination, conversation with others, outbursts, and staying focused. He has struggled in school since kindergarten. I noticed in 3rd grade, he was fallen more behind each grading period. He was in 3rd grade reading 1st grade level and comprehending on a kindergarten level. The teachers said he couldn’t stay focused and instead of participating in class, he would color pictures. Homework was always an issue. It would take the entire evening to do one page of homework. I didn’t want medication to be an option. If so, I want to know that I tried everything possible. Brain Balance was my last hope. They gave me answers to why he wasn’t learning and the tools to make him better.

After 3 months with Brain Balance, I have seen amazing improvements. All the things they said would happen was working. Duane lost 10 pounds. He gained positive self confidence and understood tha the things that he put into his body affected his brain’s ability to function properly. He was able to focus on his homework for longer periods of time. He displayed patience and seemed less frustrated. He takes deep breaths when he feels anxious. He now takes pride in his neat handwriting. He is even learning to write cursive. He participates in class discussions. I can have an in-depth conversation with him. I’m so proud and excited to say that he made Honor Roll! We are going to a dinner to recognize his accomplishments. He went from not learning the school material to advancing two grade levels in reading and comprehension. He also, helps me with his two-year old sister and chores around the house.

I am so thankful for Brain Balance. They are the missing link to my son’s development. I stepped out on faith and went into the program full force. And the results are more than I could have ever imagined. It really works. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”


Zemetria Perry

Now, he gets excited to go out and play and try new things, even though he may not get it right away, he continues to try and doesn’t give up.”

“We had noticed there was something wrong with our son at an early age and had been to every type of doctor just to be told he was healthy. It wasn’t until he started kindergarten that he was finally diagnosed with ADHD. The only advice to help him was to put him on medication and therapy. Bryce was severely behind in his academics as well as many other developmental milestones for his age. Once we started the Brain Balance program it only took a few weeks before we already started to notice big changes in him. He is now able to follow more verbal instructions and is able to focus long enough to complete them. He also has more interest in doing more physical activities. Before we began the program he shied away from sports and other activities because they were very difficult for him. Now, he gets excited to go out and play and try new things, even though he may not get it right away, he continues to try and doesn’t give up. We are so thankful for the Brain Balance Program! If it wasn’t for this program he would still be medicated and never be able to progress and struggle for the rest of his life.”


“Jazmyn went sledding for the first time this winter and loved it! She had no fear or anxiety!”

“Jazmyn is a loving, funny, kind-hearted 9 year old who struggled with learning her whole life.  Learning the alphabet, reading and simple math equations left her frustrated, angered and hopeless about learning.  Not only were academics a problem, but she also struggled with social and behavior issues.  Jazmyn would have difficulties making new friends her own age and was afraid to venture on her own.  Jazmyn was unable to ride a bike, sit through an entire movie without getting motion sickness or even sled down a snow hill without fear and anxiety.  She has seen many doctors with many different diagnoses, prescription medications were given and suggestions of therapy and tutoring.  We tried everything the doctors told us to do with no glimmer of hope because we were at our wits end! After Jazmyn’s initial evaluation and finding out she has a left hemisphere deficiency, it all made sense to us. It was not just ADHD, or Dyslexia, Jazmyn had so many other issues that no one could figure out, or they viewed them as all separate diagnoses.  36 sessions later, a change to her food regiment, vitamins and home exercises for the brain, Jazmyn wants to go to school, is improving in math and reading, and has a new group of her friends her own age! Jazmyn went sledding for the first time this winter and loved it! She had no fear or anxiety!  We look forward to teaching her how to ride her bike this Spring.  We are thankful for discovering Brain Balance and their non-medical, realistic, caring and compassionate approach to help a struggling child, and frustrated parents.”

“The best part is that for the first time Ethan wants to sincerely hug me! I owe it all to Brain Balance!”

“When you become a parent, you have wonderful hopes and dreams of the person your child will become. You can’t wait for their first smile, first word, crawl, walk, even sleep through the night. As they grow, you hope to have bragging rights to all of their firsts. Then you start to notice that they are not like their peers developmentally. That is what happened with my sweet boy, Ethan, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder at the age of 4. When you sit across from someone and hear those words, it can be heartbreaking. You learn to fight for anything and everything they need.

When we made the decision to enroll Ethan into the Brain Balance Center of Indianapolis, this was our last resort. I would learn that it should have been our first. For years, we had gone to multiple doctors and therapists, each time walking away never really feeling complete or like we were getting anywhere with his treatment. I had started to come to terms with the fact that Ethan may always need to live with me. That even though he could make great strides, he would always need that extra support.

Since starting Brain Balance, Ethan has had significant improvements in his behavior, social interactions and overall sensory functions. He has learned to advocate for himself. We eliminated 2 of the 3 medications he was on. He is confident, has friends, enjoys being around others and smiles. The best part is that for the first time Ethan wants to sincerely hug me! I have bragging rights now, and I owe it all to Brain Balance.”


Lindsee Nanny

Brain Balance has made a real difference with my son and it’s wonderful to see him get stronger and more confident every day.”

“Landon has always struggled with coordination and focus.  We had made several attempts to teach him how to ride a bike, but failed each time.  After joining Brain Balance this summer, we attempted to teach him to ride a bike again and he did it on the first day.  This was a huge accomplishment for him! Brain Balance has made a real difference with my son and it’s wonderful to see him get stronger and more confident every day.”




“Alex has made great success!”

“Before Brain Balance, Alex had trouble focusing and following directions. He hardly ever wanted to try new foods, and trying to work on handwriting was always a losing fight. Now, he can follow short sets of instructions, his palate is expanding, and he’s hungry to learn how to spell words. Thanks to the Brain Balance program, Alex has made great success and we are far more ready (and excited) to start school.”

“I got an A-, but I used to get D’s and F’s!”

“I liked the teachers because they were nice to me and made me laugh. My favorite teacher was Mr. Evan. The things I didn’t like are the diet and all the weird glasses that I had to wear. I loved the work and I loved being here. At the beginning of this I was nervous and I didn’t like this, but now I love it. Before this I was horrible at math but at the end of the year I saw my report card and I was shocked at my math grade. I got an A-, but I used to get D’s and F’s. I was very happy about the grade and I’ll always remember that I got better at math because of Brain Balance!! Thank you so much for reading my letter and send your kid here, it will help.” ~Trevor, 14

“I truly believe that giving your child the gift of Brain Balance is a gift that just keeps giving!”

“Brain Balance has been an amazing experience for my son Alex. Before Alex started Brain Balance he was anxious about school. Alex often times would get frustrated, after trying only once or twice when doing his homework. Alex could not tie his shoe nor ride a bike without training wheels.

After Brain Balance, I have seen a major transformation in Alex. One of the most significant changes that happened, is that he became more present in his own learning. What I mean by that is Alex is dyslexic, but by doing the exercises from Brain Balance he became more determined to rise above his learning difference. Alex is not nearly as anxious about school, and homework did not have to be forced down his throat. He has shown great strides in reading. I find, that as we are out and about Alex is reading every sign he possible can. Alex can tie his shoe, and very well I might add. He also is riding a mountain bike without training wheels. That is a huge accomplishment. His balance and coordination has greatly improved, which has lead him to level up in his swim lessons.

I know that when it comes to our children, we want the best for them. I truly believe that giving your child the gift of Brain Balance is a gift that just keeps giving. I’m so grateful that my son has had the opportunity to go through Brain Balance. I am also very thankful to the wonderful staff that not only supported my son, but me and my husband as well.”


Charisse Alexander-Murphy

“Not even sure where to begin except for WOW, THANK YOU Brain Balance.”

“Our journey started when my son was in kindergarten and consistently coming home with notes from his teacher and notification that he had been on Orange or Red for Behavior (Chart was Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red with Blue being the best behavior).  At a loss we started a conversation with our pediatrician who indicated that he had ADHD symptoms but not enough to make a diagnosis.  In first grade the behavior continued and we worked closely with his teacher to try and identify a pattern or trigger.  Nothing could be found.  In January we met with a therapist (to learn coping mechanisms) and psychiatrist (for prescription management) and received an ADHD diagnosis.  He began taking medication in January 2013 and we saw an improvement.  In September 2013 our psychiatrist office closed and we would need to find someone new to continue prescription management (we had stopped seeing the therapist as well by this time).

At this time we were questioning if medication was best for him as we had seen a change in his personality, he was very emotional, got angry very easily, had low self-esteem, would quit if he wasn’t winning and had lost a lot of weight because he was never hungry.  I started researching our options and came across Brain Balance.  I will be honest I was very skeptical but we decided that we should have him tested and see what the results said.  They were worse than we anticipated, but going through the results was eye opening as he was deficient in many primitive reflexes and it was explained to us what type of behavior or actions we would see because of this.  Rhonda was describing our son.

We started therapy at Brain Balance not really knowing what to expect.  I guess I was hoping that after a couple of sessions his behavior would be ‘normal’.  This doesn’t happen, it is a process.  Our biggest immediate change came when we had the food sensitivity test done and worked with the nutritionist.  I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in the lives of our ENTIRE family.  Our son came back with severe intolerance to wheat, eggs and dairy.  The day after Thanksgiving we started the elimination diet and cut many foods out of our diet.  IT WAS HARD, but so worth it.  Our entire family did the elimination diet, we were all in this together.   Here is how much this changed our lives.   We were trying to get weight back on my son so we were fixing him up to 4 scrambled eggs a night before bed.  His teacher kept telling us that his days were good except he ‘was a tornado’ every morning when he came into the classroom.  It took him about 30 minutes to settle into the day.  When we got the sensitivity results and saw that he shouldn’t have eggs we immediately stopped serving this and his teacher responded with ‘his morning behavior is like night and day since you have changed his diet’.  Really, removing eggs from his diet had this much of an impact.

My husband and I started doing extensive research ourselves on ADHD diagnosis and diet and decided that even when our elimination diet was over we were going to stay with many of the changes that we had adopted.  Our entire family is now GLUTEN free and my son doesn’t consume dairy or eggs.  Since we had maintained this diet for several months we decided to try and take my son off of medication and see what happened.  Well, we are now medication free for 3 months and I am seeing my son’s true personality come out.  He is happy, funny and not emotional anymore.  He can focus on a task and accept mistakes without tears.

All of this is possible because we went through the Brain Balance program and determined that he had food sensitivities and we now adhere to a strict gluten free, dairy free, egg free diet.   I firmly believe it is because of BB that we are medication free.”

Jacque, mom

Along with the improved school work his confidence and self esteem has rocketed.”

“Braydon, 10, has always been a very happy and positive child, but he struggled a little too much in school. He was still an average student with solid C’s with an occasional D+ or B-. He did not like to read, had difficulty with Math story problems, poor handwriting, and was horrible at taking notes. Through the work here at Brain Balance he has become a different student.

Within the first four weeks he made such improvements that even his teachers were asking what we did. With a few simple exercises he practiced at home plus the work at the achievement center his grades jumped to All A’s with the occasional B. He went from hating to read to reading every book he could get his hands on. The turnaround was amazing!

While working with his school during his annual I.E.P. (Individual Education Program) the compliments just flowed on what an amazing change in his school work! He had improved so much that some of the help he was receiving was no longer needed. Along with the improved school work his confidence and self esteem has rocketed.”

~ Shannon & Raoul, mom & dad

“By treating our son’s challenges (not masking them with drugs) will improve his quality of life for years to come.”

“Brain Balance has drastically improved the overall behavior, focus and academic performance. Our family has been positively impacted beyond words. By treating our son’s challenges (not masking them with drugs) will improve his quality of life for years to come. Thanks to the entire team at Brain Balance for all their help.”

~ Stacie & Drew B.

“Before I went to Brain Balance I was always having outbursts and my head was in a computer. Now, I feel like I don’t play video games as much and it is rare for me to have an outburst. When I dropped in school, it was because of my focusing problem. Now my focus is better in school.”

~Camerson, 8

“Brain Balance helped our son to go from literally running from school and having daily behavior problems that were leading to academic challenges to now needing only limited individualized attention, improved behavior  at home and at school, and better overall focus.”

“First grade was a rough year for our son. We were seeing meltdowns that should not have occurred for a child his age both at home and reports of them from school. The teacher was concerned there may be something else going on. During the course of first grade we tried to figure out how to get to the root of this challenge. Counseling helped a little, and we tried some natural supplements but we needed something more and we knew that medication would be the last resort. We had  never head about Brain Balance until we saw some information one day while at a local grocery store. We felt like this might be the answer we were looking for. The Brain Balance program helped to solve our son’s challenges at the root of the problem without medication. Our son is now in third grade and we have been done with the program for a year. We have stayed committed to the nutritional strategies as well as continuing some of the recommendations we learned through the program. Brain Balance helped our son to go from literally running from school and having daily behavior problems that were leading to academic challenges to now needing only limited individualized attention, improved behavior at home and at school, and better overall focus. Because of Brain Balance and the wonderful support he received there as well as the daily support he receives at school, we don’t have as many challenges with our son as a couple of years ago.”

I can make friends now and I LOVE school!”

“Before Brain Balance I just didn’t fit in, I was horrible at making friends. I literally dreaded school. Now, let me tell you. I feel like a new kid! Brain Balance has changed my life. I can make friends now and I LOVE school! I’m good at math and spelling. First, I accomplished 200 A.R. points. Let me just say WOW! I highly recommend Brain Balance to every kid with ADHD or any disorder to take Brain Balance!!”




“I am also getting A’s and B’s in school.”

“Before Brain Balance I, Neil, felt less organized, less focused, less prepared, and was doig not so well in school (GPA was 3.57). Now after Brain Balance, I am more focused, more organized, prepared, and doing well in school.  I have also noticed with the physical part of Brain Balance, I am more strong, and I have also improved my cross country time this year. Last year my times were high 12 minute times, and this year I am low 12’s and high 11’s. My P.R (personal record) was 11:55. I am also getting A’s and B’s in school, which I am really happy about. I am happy with the improvements of Brain Balance. Thank you Brain Balance.”

“My youngest has made great gains with his behavior at home and school.”

“I have two children who have gone through the Brain Balance program. Before Brain Balance, I was truly at my wits end. My children are totally opposite. My oldest struggled academically and my youngest struggled behaviorally. As a mom, I wanted to help my kids in every way possible, but for some reason, everything wasn’t working. Because I couldn’t figure out how to help my kids, I was very stressed out. My blood pressure was high and I was losing my hair. After Brain Balance, I have really seen a change in both of my kids. My oldest has developed more confidence with her academics, which has allowed her to perform better overall. My youngest has made great gains with his behavior at home and school. Both children have received awards and recognitions from school, for the first semester. I am so proud of them and they are proud of themselves. At my last doctor’s visit my blood pressure levels have decreases significantly. Thank you Brain Balance for helping my family!”

~ Courtney, mom

“I get my work done faster because of my focus.”

“I accomplished ‘better listening to direction.’ I noticed a HUGE improvement in my grades at school. I also noticed I’m more confident in myself and I don’t get bullied anymore! A big difference is my focus. I get my work done faster because of my focus. This program changed my life.”

~Aaron, 13

“He is completely different and a much better young man.”

“We started our son at Brain Balance this past September. Austin was 14 years old and has diagnosed of Asperger’s and ADHD. His behavior had gotten so out of control that we were lost. His anger and rage were putting even us as his parents at risk. We lived almost 3 hours one way from the nearest location. We hesitated with “we can’t excuses”. He was so behind in some areas that he was at a four year old level with certain brain functions. At that point we had tried everything and he needed help so why stop now. We drove six hours three days a week to Brain Balance. At first we didn’t see a lot of changes but the school started seeing big changes in his socializing and his grades were all A’s and B’s. During Thanksgiving for the first time he actually left his room, attended dinner and played games with all of us. That was a first EVER! Things just started to fall into place. He was still having some anger so I talked with the center and they suggested a neurotransmitter test. After completing the test we started natural supplements and we now have seen a completely different child. We have not seen the rage at all! I am not saying he is perfect but he is completely different and a much better young man. He just turned 15 years old and started driver’s education and doing great. The program has definitely been worth all the driving time and financial issues. Thank you Brain Balance for changing not only Austin’s life but our lives as well!”

~Brent & Mistie

“He has really come a long way and it all started with Brain Balance!”

The biggest difference I have noticed in Nicholas since completing the Brain Balance program is his level of confidence. Before we started, Nicholas was really struggling in Math. He just wasn’t understanding certain concepts. Nicholas was actually relieved to learn there was a reason for his struggles. After his first Brain Balance session, Nicholas told me the reason he didn’t understand story problems was because that side of his brain was weak. He really enjoyed his sessions at Brain Balance. Even if he didn’t want to come by the end of the session he felt better and was glad that he came. He has really come a long way and it all started with Brain Balance.”


“My testing has become better as well!”

“Brain Balance has been a life promoting opportunity. It’s been the savior of my school career. Because of this program, I have been able to focus and my hand writing has become much better. Last but not least, my testing has become better as well. If there was one thing for me to say it would be ‘thank you Brain Balance for allowing me to pursue my life dreams and goals.’ Everything is much easier than before and I have Brain Balance to thank!”

~Lizze, Senior High School