“Our son has made huge improvements in his behavior, mood, and reading skills.”

“We loved our 4 months at Brain Balance. Our son has made huge improvements in his behavior, mood, and reading skills. His reading specialist at school told us “Whatever you’re doing- keep doing it. I’ve seen a DRAMATIC improvement in him!” We’re so grateful that we heard about Brain Balance, and how it’s changed our lives! It was totally worth the money, and hour drive to get there!!! The staff was all wonderful to work with, and I could tell that they genuinely love and care for all the kids there. I tell everyone I know about BB, because people need to know that they have options- and that medication is not their only option for ADHD. There is a better way, and it’s possible to balance the brain and have lasting change!”
~Mom of a 7-year-old boy

“My kiddos are thriving.”

“Thanks SO much for an amazing experience with all the coaches and staff at Brain Balance! We are thankful for the program and the accomplishments our kiddos made and are still making at school and in life skills, this was a HUGE help!! Life-changing!I just had the BEST parent/teacher/student conferences at school EVER! My kiddos are thriving at school now and we are SO proud of them!! We will continue with all the exercises and tips we learned!! AWESOME!!!!!”

~Mom of 8-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl

“Brain Balance has awoken the very best version of our child.”

“We can’t say enough about this AmAzInG experience. The staff from day one, treated us like family, and our son has grown in strides in just short 3 months. We continue to see positive changes each day, and the blessings from our time at Brain Balance keep pouring in.  It is so rewarding to see our child living within his full potential, and thriving without frustration. Our days are easier, we are seeing more smiles, family life is better, etc. The financial and time commitments are certainly not taken lightly, however the investment we have made in our child – PRICELESS. We truly feel like Brain Balance has awoken the very best version of our child. As we continue to implement the program in our home, we are excited about what is to come. Amazed, blessed, thankful…we love you Highlands Ranch Brain Balance! ❤️”

~Mom of 10-year-old boy

“She has gained confidence.”

“My daughter was struggling daily/hourly to focus and lacked self confidence. She also had nightly night terrors sometimes multiple in one night. After a few weeks of doing exercises the night terrors disappeared, she has gained confidence and the ability to attend as well. The biggest growth I’ve seen is in her ability to interact and voice her feelings to others.  The center has been great, very attentive and always available to answer questions.”

~Mom of 7-year-old girl

“I would suggest it to anyone struggling in their schooling.”

“Brain Balance was an amazing experience that changed my life. The people that worked there were absolutely wonderful, every time I walked in I was greeted with smiles and joy. It was never a chore to go but the exact opposite. I looked forward to going and seeing everyone, they were very supportive of my life in and out of brain balance. The day I got accepted into the college I wanted they were ecstatic with big grins and nothing but happiness for me. I’m so glad I was able to have this experience and I would suggest it to anyone struggling in their schooling. Ever since [I started] my grades improved and I was able to do things I wasn’t able to do before in school. I want to thank each and everyone at Brain Balance for changing my life, I will miss all of you but I’ll make sure to come and visit.”

~17-year-old boy

“We began to see positive changes in him.”

“We brought our son to Brain Balance feeling hopeless that we couldn’t help him. He repeatedly got in trouble at school, couldn’t stay focused, wouldn’t do his work, and refused to talk to anyone. He was almost 9 years old when we had our initial consultation and with the help of him going to Brain Balance 3 times a week and us having to fight with him to do the at home exercises we began to see positive changes in him. He became more confident and secure with himself, he started doing his school work almost all the time, and began talking more openly and honestly to us. Even his teacher has seen a massive change in his demeanor and accountability and maturity. I will admit there was an initial hesitancy when we found out the cost but it is so worth it. I would highly recommend Brain Balance to any parent who feels lost on how to help their child. At least give the consultation a try.  Thank you to all the ladies at the Highlands Ranch location! You all forever hold a spot in our hearts!”  

~Mom of 9-year-old boy

“Absolutely the BEST decision we’ve made!”

“Brain Balance Center of Highlands Ranch has changed our lives, they have impacted my son in a way that will be with him forever.  It took a lot of dedication from us as parents and him as a participant and we couldn’t be prouder of him or more pleased with the family of teachers at Brain Balance.  The results are REMARKABLE AND PRICELESS!!  Kudos to Brain Balance and the wonderful instructors at Brain Balance of Highlands Ranch!”

~Mom of 16-year-old boy