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Diane Sands

Diane Sands

Owner/Executive Director

Diane Sands has recently joined Brain Balance of Encino as the new owner of the Center.  She is the Mom of a special kiddo who blossomed under the Brain Balance Program and looks forward to sharing that with other families.  Diane holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Education and a M.B.A. in Health Services Management, a field in which she spent most of her career.  Diane is a local resident, understands the real obstacles that special families face and is excited about spending her days working with kids who can benefit from the Brain Balance Program and have a fighting chance to reach their full potential.  

Aubrey Moore

Aubrey Moore

Center Director

Aubrey joins Brain Balance as the new Program Director of Encino with a background in Exercise Science. She graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, while minoring in Child Development. It was then that she discovered her passion for working with special needs children. Aubrey first joined the Brain Balance family in 2015 as a Sensory Motor Coach in North Oakland, MI. Working directly with the children, she gained an abundance of knowledge and experience which lead her to become the Assistant Director in Encino, CA. Aubrey’s clear passion, developmental experience, and certification in applied kinesiology makes her a great fit for our Brain Balance team. Aubrey is excited to work alongside all of the children, as well as their families and teachers, to help them reach their full potential!

Matthew Rodriguez

Matthew Rodriguez

Program Director

Matthew comes to Brain Balance of Encino with over 10 years of experience working with children with learning and behavioral challenges. Beginning his career as an Athletic Instructor, Matthew noticed there were a few athletes that couldn’t perform to the best of their ability or reach their full potential. He knew there must be an underlying issue. After some research, he found the answer to his question, Brain Balance. Starting as a Sensory Motor coach, Matthew saw first hand how the brain and body work together and found that if there is a lack of communication between the two hemispheres, basic functions can be affected. Now, with 5 years of hands-on experience, enthusiasm and undeviating determination, Matthew holds the position of Program Director. His passion for working with children and their families continues to grow as each day goes by.  With strong communication and teamwork, Matthew strides to make every child’s journey through Brain Balance a success!

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