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Local Families

“Olivia is healthier and happier!”

“Olivia was having a difficult time getting along with her peers and family members. She was also behind in reading and seemed to be very emotionally immature.

Olivia has mentioned to me that she has better relationships with her friends now. Other family members have commented that Olivia is much nicer now and they worry less about having Olivia play with their children. Olivia’s reading level has gone up but more importantly, her confidence in reading is through the roof! Olivia has more positive self-reflections as well.

Olivia is healthier and happier. She is more confident and there is a level of maturity in her that I have never seen before. She plays with her friends more often and can even sit and play a game with us without exploding with anger.” – Sara, Mom

“The program wasn’t just about academics; it helped him in so many other ways.”

“We came to Brain Balance of Superior because Colin was having a lot of difficulty in school with reading and math. With completing another tutoring program and help at school Colin still was not improving. He was frustrated and so was I. He was uncoordinated and struggled with sports. Things really improved after completing the program. Colin is now at grade level with his reading. He is more confident, he looks great. His posture and the way he presents himself to others has improved. He looks more mature. This program was a commitment for the whole family. The time attending three times a week, his exercises at home, and then the diet. He worked really hard and it really paid off. I was very unsure about the elimination diet, but it benefited Colin and I. We both lost weight and it changed the way we both look at certain foods. I can’t express how happy I am that we found this program. The program wasn’t just about academics it helped him in so many other ways. It addressed the whole child not just one part. The other parents were such a support for me and the wonderful teachers and staff made this program different then anything that I have experienced before. I have confidence now about Colin’s future in school.” -Cathy (Colin’s Mom)

“Now she seems calmer, more confident, [and] focused.”

“Before the Brain Balance of Superior program, Taryn had serious problems communicating and being able to process information verbally, comprehension wise, expressing and receiving information along with staying focused and setting goals. Now she seems calmer, more confident, focused, better able to express her thoughts and process information. She is less defensive and not as touchy about perceived criticism.”

“Since the (Brain Balance of Superior) program, I have grown as a person. I have become a manager at my job, I have moved out on my own and I am better at communicating.” -Taryn, 21 years old


“Cameron is doing so well!

“He has better grades in school and has much better focus in class. He also is a better listener, less argumentative and not as picky about his food choices. Brain Balance broadened Cameron’s interests and he is now more interested in new activities – whether he is in school or at home, everything is just so much easier than it used to be. Cameron is much more mature since Brain Balance!” -Raelene (Cameron’s Mom)




“He’s more attentive!”

“Brain Balance of Superior has helped Braydon integrate better with family communications and involvement. Braydon’s more present and interested in a variety of activities. After Brain Balance, he’s more attentive when I call him or ask him a question. I used to have to call his name several times to get a response, now it is only once before he responds!” -Carli (Braydon’s Mom)



“Garet seems more aware and engaged in conversation.”

“We brought Garet to Brain Balance of Superior due to his academic performance and lack of focus. Since completing the Brain Balance program, Garet seems more aware and engaged in conversation. The program has helped his left brain development and his confidence. Having a program and process has greatly helped with stress levels in our house. Additionally, the nutritional component associated with the program has been very helpful to our family.” -Rich and Teri (Garet’s parents)



Showed me how much they can improve in a short amount of time!”

“Working with children here at brain balance really taught me more than I could have offered to give as a coach. I saw sensitivity and unique character of each child that usually goes unnoticed. Every child wants to please their parent, have a happy social life an advance in their academics, even if they might not show it. Working closely with them really showed me how much they can improve in a short amount of time when concentrating positively on their progress. It’s important to stay positive and keep their goals in sight when they cannot see visible progress right away. I really admire the children’s and parents’ dedication to each other. They want to improve their lives and are doing the best they can. It is motivating to know that despite the struggles, they are able to see clear improvements over time if they truly dedicate themselves to the program they know is best for them.”  – Aida Gradascevic, Brain Balance of Superior coach

“He is more coordinated and has shown much more empathy towards others!”

“I brought Cisco to Brain Balance of Superior due to impulse control issues and his disrespect of authority. In the classroom Cisco would challenge the teachers every request. At home getting him to do “the little stuff” was difficult. When Cisco was into something, he didn’t want to stop and transition. Since Brain Balance, Cisco listens better! He may not want to do what you are asking of him but he can! He is much better at thinking before acting and he is able to stop himself when he knows a behavior is out of line. He is more coordinated and has shown much more empathy towards others. Brain Balance had such a positive impact on our family! Cisco is now better at self-regulating and is much more pleasurable to be around. I truly enjoyed spending time with him on a recent vacation…there was no re-directing, no bargaining and no drama! It was fun. What a gift!” -Agatha (Cisco’s Mom)

“He is excited to show us the new letters and numbers he can write!”

“Before Brain Balance, Liam was struggling with speech and fine/gross motor skills. He was afraid of heights and didn’t like to draw, color or write. He didn’t like to do group activities, only watch the other kids. Since Brain Balance, Liam has made great improvements! Liam just got his first bike and he LOVES to ride it. At his birthday party, he was the leader of the group and he enjoyed being the center of attention. He is also excited to show us the new letters and numbers he can write. It’s really fun to watch! Although Liam has always been a happy kid, he now is even more engaged in his world. He likes to explore and try new things!” -Jenn (Liam’s mom)


“He will [now] stop, breathe and think about doing something.”

“We came to Brain Balance of Superior because Cameron was easily frustrated with frequent outbursts. After Brain Balance, these issues have greatly improved. He has times of clarity where he will stop, breathe and think about doing something. He has started helping his siblings without confrontation or even being asked! With continued perseverance of what we’ve learned from Brain Balance, I’m confident he will continue to improve even more.” – Wendy (Cameron’s mom)

“Brain Balance has forever changed our life!”

“Garrett was diagnosed ADD. Our goal was to get him off medication by high school. We had tried several other methods prior to Brain Balance of Superior, but they were all unsuccessful. Brain Balance has forever changed our life. My son now has the tools to help his weaknesses. I will forever have a support system with the staff from Brain Balance, along with all of the wonderful families we have met.” -Cassie (Garrett’s Mom

“We saw such an improvement in his behavior and mood.”

“Issac kept getting called to the principal’s office, I had so many of his teachers tell me he wasn’t paying attention in class, wouldn’t stay still, didn’t act his age and I knew he was very moody and I needed to do something. Since we started at Brain Balance of Superior, I noticed Issac’s improvements at school right away. He stopped getting called to the principal’s office, he got to sit with the rest of his class, he wasn’t dreading going to school like before, and his homework was getting done on time. Additionally, we saw such an improvement in his behavior and mood after we did the nutrition part of the program. I now have a child without the outbursts or tantrums and he now falls asleep sooner and is in better moods. We were worried about him not being able to pass to the 6th grade because of his behavior, but he will now be going into 6th grade this year. He did it!” – Maria (Issac’s mom)

“She laughs so much more!”

“Ciera had issues with focusing, completing tasks and she had very low self-esteem. She would stay locked in her room for hours and hardly ever talked to anyone. Since she started the Brain Balance of Superior program, Ciera now holds her head high, smiles all of the time, and when she is asked to do her chores, she’s right on top of it. She now always says please and thank you and is very polite. She engages in conversations, she is more focused and pays attention to details more. She’s happier than I’ve seen her in a long time! Ciera gets along better with everyone now. She laughs so much more and everyone has seen what an improvement she has made! She is a complete different person, in a very good way.” -Stephanie (Ciera’s Mom)


“She now says ‘I love you.’ “

“Saige had issues with biting and being aggressive at daycare, she had difficultly following directions and she was very stubborn. After Brain Balance of Superior, Saige is more flexible and able to express her emotions more clearly. She now says ‘I love you’ and wants to give hugs and kisses. Her temper tantrums are much less frequent. Saige is now more willing to try new things and she is much less rigid. We now have much more relaxing and fun days as a family.” -Jamie (Saige’s Mom)



“His occasional outbursts are now almost entirely gone.”

“Drew exhibited behavior more like children a full year younger than him. He was getting frustrated with very simple everyday tasks and falling behind academically. He was often socially disconnected from other children in his class. After Brain Balance of Superior, his focus has improved and he now completes his homework thoroughly. He has finally learned to tie his shoes, dress himself and his occasional outbursts are now almost entirely gone. He overall seems more engaged with school and has two new friends at school. He is able to verbalize and communicate with adults much, much better than before Brain Balance. This program had a huge impact on our family. First, with his ability to be more attentive and interested in more things besides his computer games. Academics have also improved dramatically. He speaks much more intelligently now. Drew’s eye contact and ability to listen to instruction was the very first thing we as a family noticed improvement with during the program. His memory has also improved. Thank you Brain Balance!” -Ryan (Drew’s Dad)

“This program has not only helped Gavin, but our entire family.”

“Ever since Gavin was little, we saw odd behaviors that other kids just weren’t showing.  As he started school, his behaviors increased (at home also) and we saw more meltdowns lasting 1-2 hours, social anxiety, clothes bothering him and mood swings faster than a blink of an eye.  Once he started 1st grade and we noticed Gavin giving up easily, showing more frustrations, not remembering things, being tired all the time and academics starting to suffer, my husband and I knew we needed to get to the root cause of all these behaviors.  We could have taken him to get a medical diagnosis for autistic tendencies or ADHD or sensory processing issues, but we wanted to understand what was going on in his little brain first. Not knowing what we were getting into, after a few weeks, we discovered that this was the best decision we could have made.   After 4 months of the Brain Balance of Superior program Gavin shows less frustration, is more social, is remembering details of his day, smiles more, seems happier about life, showing more confidence and his meltdowns are usually less than 20 minutes.  He even shows interest in new activities such as skiing and rock climbing. This program has not only helped Gavin, but our entire family.  In this program, we also learned how foods affect our behaviors.  We are eating cleaner and it has made all of us feel so much better.   I love when I hear Gavin say no thanks to processed foods because he knows, first hand, how terrible he feels after eating things that aren’t good for him. We have been taken under angels’ wings…with the combination of understanding our brains, resources we have been given and a new knowledge on nutrition we are HAPPY CAMPERS!   We are so thankful for Brain Balance and credit all these successes to the program and the absolutely wonderful staff that work with us!” – Diana (Gavin’s mom)

“Brain Balance has improved our quality of life as a family in a huge way.” 

“We came to Brain Balance of Superior due to behavior issues in class. Avigayle was having a hard time staying focused. Before Brain Balance, she would not be able to sit still for an entire meal. Now she does not fidget during a meal and can even read a book and multi-task while eating. She is much easier to reason with and she is understanding the ‘big picture’ much better now. Brain Balance has improved our quality of life as a family in a huge way. We don’t feel the need to be constant ‘drill sergeants’ anymore because Avigayle is finally able to make the right choices on her own. Brain Balance is an amazing program and we are forever thankful!” -Tracy (Avigayle’s Mom)


“Such a welcome change from other…failures!”

“After Brain Balance of Superior, Will is now doing martial arts two times per week and we have seen so many improvements over last summer. He also had success with T-ball, which was such a welcome change from other organized sports failures!” -Kate (Will’s Mom)





“Her self esteem has drastically improved!”

“Isa was a very defiant and un-happy child before Brain Balance of Superior. She had a hard time controlling her emotions and would go from one extreme to the other, but she could rarely find a happy medium. She had trouble keeping friends and interacting with others. After Brain Balance, we have notice many positive changes in Isa! She is a much happier little girl who is now fun to be around. Her mood swings are much less prevalent and she seems to have learned how to calm herself down more quickly. She interacts more with others and is really making good decisions when playing with other kids. Her friendships are getting stronger and she is overall a happy and fun girl! Brain Balance has impacted our daughter and our whole family in so many positive ways. Isa is a much kinder kiddo than before and has ‘found herself.’ Her self esteem has drastically improved and her temper tantrums have almost completely disappeared. Our home is definitely a much happier place to be!” -Brian (Isa’s Dad)

“His behavior at home and school is getting better!”

“Payton had behavioral issues at school, trouble at home, was clumsy and had a lack of concentration and focus. After completing the Brain Balance of Superior program, Payton’s coordination has improved, his behavior at home and school is getting better! He seems to focus better and he has more good days. Our family benefited from Brain Balance by learning and understanding more about Payton, how diet can impact our child (and our whole family) and how to better support Payton.” -Crystal (Payton’s Mom)




“After Brain Balance, Mariely has improved in many areas.'”

“Mariely has had learning difficulties since she was 3 years old. She was specifically having issues with attention and memory. After Brain Balance, Mariely has improved in many areas…she is more focused when we have conversations, she can complete tasks without distraction, she is more interested in trying things on her own and her communication skills have greatly improved. I loved bringing my daughter to Brain Balance. I now feel that we have so many ways to help her. Thank you for all of your patience and help you gave my daughter!” -Maria (Mariely’s Mom)



“She also calms down much more quickly when she does get upset.”

“We brought Lilly to Brain Balance of Superior due to behavioral issues – emotional outbursts, temper tantrums, trouble with focusing, listening problems, lack of eye contact, highly sensitive with noises and smells, very easily frustrated with things didn’t go her way, etc. After Brain Balance, Lilly has a decreased incidence of temper tantrums and they are much more age appropriate. If we say no to something, Lilly is able to pull herself back at times, instead of overreacting. Lilly is making better eye contact when we are talking to her and she is a much better listener. She also calms down much more quickly when she does get upset. Coming to Brain Balance allowed us to gain perspective on how we are affecting Lilly’s behavior as well. We are working hard to interrupt some of our behaviors in how we react to her and how we address unwanted behaviors. Lilly is displaying more age appropriate behaviors everyday! She is eager to improve and is making little changes everyday! Brain Balance has helped Lilly develop and strengthen her brain so that she will be able to thrive at school and in relationships in the future.” -Mara (Lilly’s Mom)

“He no longer gets sidetracked!”

“Before Brain Balance of Superior, Paul had a hard time focusing and would be easily distracted in everyday tasks. He also had some strength and balance issues. He would get frustrated with ‘big picture’ issues.   After Brain Balance, Paul is more focused! He’s made great strides in math and critical thinking. He no longer gets sidetracked when asked to put his shoes on or brush his teeth. He is also physically stronger. I no longer have to repeat requests to Paul one hundred times, which is so great for the whole family! Paul is much more confident all around! -Sharon (Paul’s Mom)



“She is not mired down by her moods anymore.”

“Claire came to Brain Balance because of her social awkwardness, shutting down when upset, lack of communication, issues with noise and tantrums. Claire is more communicative and affectionate these days. She has learned to control her temper and can pull herself out of being angry now in far less time. She is starting to form more meaningful relationships with peers. We are so thankful for the Brain Balance program for so many reasons. Claire and her dad now have a stronger relationship. She is making nice friends! She is not mired down by her moods anymore, and that makes life at home much more pleasant!” -Sharon (Claire’s Mom)



“Kerry is now calmer and much more fit!”

“We brought Kerry to Brain Balance of Superior because she was having academic issues at school and behavior issues at home. She was not doing well making friends, or keeping friendships with peers. After Brain Balance, Kerry is now able to stay focused at school is picking up concepts much more easily. She got her first 100% on her math test. She is better about minding her manners and helps around the house, without even being asked! She joined volleyball and can serve and pass the ball, where she could not before. Kerry is now calmer and much more fit. She doesn’t get into arguments with us over every little thing. She is happier and more confident!” -Laura (Kerry’s Mom)


“He is now able to get himself out of the middle of negative behavior in social situations.”

“We brought Gabe to Brain Balance of Superior due to his dyslexia, reading difficulty and his complete inability to make decisions. He also had social behavioral issues, especially among our family and to a smaller degree at school and other places. Now during reading, he does not get as tired or frustrated. He is now able to get himself out of the middle of negative behavior in social situations. He can see his part in situations and stop a fight, apologize and simmer down easier much more than before.” -Gretchen (Gabe’s Mom)



“He can now understand a sequence of tasks instead of one at a time.”

“Riley has always been behind in school, even though he’s a year older than his classmates. We’ve worked really hard on our own and with tutors and haven’t seen as much progress as we should have for the amount of effort. Riley’s teachers have noticed great improvement in his focus and ability to understand and retain directions. Riley now enjoys reading. His handwriting has improved dramatically as well. He can now understand a sequence of tasks instead of one at a time. The program has decreased the pressure we feel from Riley’s teachers. He’s no longer behind and that’s a huge relief. We also really appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement from the center.” -Holly (Riley’s Mom)


“She is excelling in school and able to focus and learn!”

“Makenna has ADHD and had been on meds for awhile. She was not herself and I needed to get her off of them. She struggled with focus, organization, memory, looking people in the eye, following more than one direction and more. Since coming to Brain Balance she no longer has a problem looking me in the eye. She has been off meds for 5+ months now with no problems. She is excelling in school and able to focus and learn.

We truly feel like we have our daughter back. The meds made her go through life like a robot. She had to force herself to laugh and didn’t sleep well. Since starting the program she has been off the meds and is sleeping well, laughs often, and has gained weight (she was so tiny from the meds!) She also actually loves going to school now!” -Alicia (Makenna’s mom)

“Bijou understands more and comprehends more.”

“Bijou had challenges with speech and language as well as her comprehension. Since she started the Brain Balance of Superior program, Bijou has improved in the areas of speech and language and the difference has been noticeable. We are pleased with the results achieved at Brain Balance. Bijou’s interaction with her parents and siblings has improved in a positive way. Bijou understands more and comprehends more. Bijou enjoyed her time at Brain Balance and learned techniques that can be used at home to calm herself and interact positively.” -Rudy (Bijou’s Dad)



“Lillian can complete self-responsibility tasks without constant prompting and struggle!”

“Lillian displayed sensory issues from even when she was a little baby. Her issues continued as she grew and had a dramatic effect on her ability to cope in a variety of situations. She was insecure, displayed attachment anxiety, poor communication skills, and immature reactions to daily activities. Lillian was sad most of the time and rarely laughed or joked around. Since coming to Brain Balance of Superior, these issues have dramatically improved. When Lilly makes a mistake now, we can identify it and laugh about it! She is such a pleasure to be around- dancing acting silly, smiling, and hearing her laugh makes my heart burst! Lillian can complete self-responsibility tasks without constant prompting and struggle. She goes to school without crying or anxiety over knowing what to do! This program has made a large impact on my child. She identifies herself before Brain Balance and associates the positive changes in her to the program. I actually enjoy spending time around my daughter and feel confident of her behavior around others. It’s so beautiful to see her relationship with her brothers blossom and Lillian successfully take her role as the eldest child and positive role model. We thought we were taking a huge financial risk by enrolling Lillian into Brain Balance. I was at the end of my rope and was willing to give this program a go. I couldn’t be happier with Lillian’s results.” -Jamie (Lillian’s Mom)

“Diego has shown more interest in making friends and has done much better controlling his behavior.”

“Diego has ADHD and it was impacting his ability to behave appropriately at school. He also had some social and emotional problems at school- trouble connecting with peers and controlling his emotions. Since coming to Brain Balance of Superior, he has been much more willing to engage in partner work, has shown more interest in making friends, and has done much better controlling his behavior (no more hiding under tables and crying in class). Diego’s increased success at school has increased his confidence and he seems to be much happier. Less trouble at school makes it more positive at home!” -Brandi (Diego’s Mom)


“Addie has become more confident in all aspects in her life!”

“Addie was struggling in several areas in school; reading, reading comprehension, writing and math.

Since Brain Balance, Addie has improved in all areas! Her reading and math are at grade level. She has come out of her shell and is making more friends at school. Addie has become more vocal, which she struggled with prior to Brain Balance.

Addie has become more confident in all aspects of her life. She doesn’t fight to do homework any longer, and enjoys the time now. Which in return is a very good thing for our family life!” – Grandma

“Aidan is more focused and organized at school!”

“Aidan has ADHD and struggled with confidence. We could see him not participating in sports activities. We would see him be down on himself, call himself stupid and not voice his thoughts. He was failing in school even with assistance. He could feel the frustration from his teachers and adults.

After Brain Balance, his confidence took a 180-degree turn. He is more assertive and participating in class; the teachers are starting to notice. He is independently doing his homework taking his grades from 50% to 70%-80%. Aidan is more focused and organized at home and school. His room is clean and he remembers his homework and often says, “Mom, I got this!” – Karla, Mom

“We now have peaceful evenings!”

“We came to Brain Balance because Blake was having a difficult time completing homework. It was an argument and fighting every night; some night’s homework was not even completed. He also had issues focusing during class and was distracting to his classmates.

After Brain Balance, we no longer have to argue and fight to get Blake to do his homework as most days he is finishing it during class or after school. His focus has improved and he is no longer distracting his classmates.

We now have peaceful evenings where we can play a game, watch TV or a movie. Blake is more helpful around the house and usually responds the first time he is asked instead of having to ask multiple times for him to do something. He also gets along better with his sister.” – Shelley

Blake says, “I notice I focus better and get my school work done more efficiently.”

“Evan’s reading comprehension is much better!”

“Before Brain Balance, Evan recognized that his, “mind was playing tricks on him.” He was forgetful, frustrated and easily overwhelmed. He struggled socially and peers’ understanding him was a challenge. His processing was not typical for his age as well.

After Brain Balance, he no longer complains about his, “mind playing tricks in him.” He is reasoning better, less forgetful, and has made a new friend at church. Hi reading comprehension is much better as well as his rhythm and timing.

Brain Balance is a lot of hard work and takes, “perfect effort” and dedication. I am confident that Evan picked up some priceless life skills during his journey. We are happy with his progress!” – Heather, Mom

Evan says, “I feel more balanced!”

I feel more in control of my emotions!

“At 10 years old, Hagen was still having issues with impulsivity and anger management-if he felt that he was wrong, with a flip of a switch, he would go after his brother(s) with the intensity to hurt them. He would have moments overwhelm when asked to complete small tasks at home. Hagen also had some auditory processing issues where we would call his name and get no response because he is so focused on something else. And when he would get hurt, it was always an extreme or overly emotional response.

After Brain Balance, our household seems to be more at peace and at ease instead of constantly feeling on edge. Now, when they do have disagreements they are more apt to using their words instead of physically going after each other; as a result there is no longer a safety concern or having to sometimes physically pull them apart.”- Mom

Hagen says, “I feel more in control of my emotions, I don’t go after my brother like I used to. Instead, I move away and take deep breaths.”

James is now more focused and organized!

“We came to Brain Balance because James was struggling with controlling his impulses, academics, focusing, empathy, awareness of others and writing.

After Brain Balance James is more focused and organized. His grades have improved and his teachers say that he participates in class more. James is turning in his homework and his grades are better as a result.

At home, James seems happier. It has been very positive for our family. He was on a downward spiral and it was affecting his self-esteem. Now, he seems to be on an upward spiral and is much more well rounded and balanced in most areas.”- Mom

Joey is starting to read!

“Joey could not concentrate on completing any tasks without help. He was unable to read or do class work. Joey was unable to do any sports or group activities that would take a lot of energy; Joey was very tired all the time. Joey seemed to be very grouchy and angry and was often in a daze. He was also a picky eater.

After Brain Balance, Joey is now able to complete basic tasks; brushing his teeth, getting dressed, making his bed and tying his shoes. Joey also eats a lot better and his energy level is way up. He is hitting baseballs, catching footballs, rollerblading and riding his scooter. He talks more and recognizes more around him. Joey is starting to read!

Joey is still combative, but we now can get him to realize that his behavior is inappropriate. We are seeing a start to good behavior as I feel Joey is starting to feel better internally and physically. He feels less confused, likes his new energy and he definitely smiles a lot more!” – Mom

Kaden is more confident!

“Since school age, Kaden has been below “grade level.” I knew coming into 4th grade the reading would become more intense and Kaden’s comprehension would be more of a concern. Grasping concepts and comprehension with homework and writing assignments/word problems were difficult for him.

After Brain Balance, Kaden’s 1st quarter assignments and his IReady testing and reading comprehension have improved slightly from last year. Although it doesn’t sound like big improvements, compared to other students that have regressed over the summer, Kaden did not and improved. Also, reading comprehension and word problems are not a struggle like they used to be.

Kaden seems to be much more confident in all aspects of life, both at home, school and sports. He actually looks forward to school and not afraid to tackle his homework. He doesn’t come to me as often and ask me for help; which was all the time. He was scared to try new things, now he jumps at every new opportunity!”- Mom

Kaden says, “I wish I had more time at Brain Balance and when I read a story, I can answer all the questions right!

Kaleb now has A’s and B’s…. 

“My son struggles with academics and had to attend summer school for two years. He was emotional and had mood swings. He was struggling with school, getting D’s and F’s. We really thought we would have to hold him back.

After Brain Balance, he is getting A’s and B’s and really doing great in school. His brothers are getting along with him and it is easier to communicate with Kaleb as well.” – Mom




“Gunner is no longer the problem child of his class.”

“Before Brain Balance, Gunner had frequent outbursts, uncontrollable emotional changes, was weak in spelling and lacked focus.

After Brain Balance, Gunner is much calmer, can control his emotions, makes better decisions and is now getting A’s on his spelling tests. Overall his school grades have come up and his control in school has changed so much that he is no longer the problem child of his class.  At home he has a lot less outbursts and radical mood swings.  He is able to control his feelings.

The staff in Longmont was excellent to work with. Gunner loved coming to the center and everyone made him feel like he belonged. – Penny, Mom

“All of my subjects have gotten easier.”

“We came to Brain Balance after being frustrated with Lilly’s progress in school. She struggled with handwriting, focus and staying on point.

After Brain Balance, Lilly’s focus is now on point, she has improved in all of her classes and her handwriting is much better.  – Paul, Dad

“I loved spending time with other kids.” – Lilly, Student




“Josh shows much more empathy and sympathy towards others!”

“Josh had disciplinary problems in school since kindergarten, and is now in 4th grade. A big item was the fits that he would throw with no exact trigger. It was very disruptive to our family and we had reached the end of the line. He also had an eye condition where his eyes drifted outward.

After Brain Balance, his fits have drastically decreased. He will still have them, but he is usually able to reel himself in much quicker and sometime before they even start. He expresses his feelings better, and has much better eye contact and conversations with adults. We’ve done vision therapy before but after three months of Brain Balance his eyes don’t drift at all when focusing on a near object, only slightly when focusing on far objects (which is HUGE)!

We have a more peaceful family now. Josh has enjoyed the program and is proud of his accomplishments. His success has given him more self-confidence.”  – Ann, Mom

“Kevin is calmer and doesn’t shout nearly as much…[and] is less reactive.”

“Kevin was impulsive, resitance to directions, oppositional, emotional outbursts, oversensitive, shouting, concerns from teachers, clear problems with social cues and annoying his peers.

After Brain Balance, Kevin is calmer and doesn’t shout nearly as much. He is less reactive and taking on more responsibility at home; he seems to listen better even if he can’t always act on instructions. He is growing in emotional reasoning and intelligence and is less sensitive to criticism.  – Jon, Dad

After Brain Balance Kevin said, “I am much more observant!”


“Kole’s increased confidence, coordination, strength, and overall growth makes us so proud!”

“As teachers, my husband and I both realized parts of growing up were harder than they needed to be for our son, Kole. He struggled with transitions, trying new adventures, eating a variety of foods, touching or even being near animals and heights like shoulder rides we all love to give our kids.  Lack of gross motor skills made tasks such as piggy back rides, throwing the ball, monkey bars, and hiking scary, difficult, or even seemingly impossible to Kole. Choosing a dominant hand to write with along with writing in general was a frustrating task, making school hard. His inability to sit still and keep his eyes on the teacher caused many behavior problems.  Kole lacked confidence because of these struggles and going to school only increased his sense of feeling insecure.  We chose Brain Balance knowing our personal trials at home, coupled with his struggles to “do school” for three years of preschool and one year of kindergarten, would not go away without the help of a proven intervention.

Life after Brain Balance has improved for Kole. The most exciting difference was watching Kole’s muscle tone increase making gross motor activities easier.  We noticed the first big changes a month into the program when we went on our first hiking adventure for the summer. He was running and jumping ahead of us on the trail. We had to ask him to slow down, wait up, and be careful – something we had never had to worry about before because Kole had never been a risk taker prior to this time. He seemed to “find himself” meaning he felt comfortable enough in his body to jump from rock to rock or climb up on us for a piggyback ride! This change also helped his throwing and hitting in t-ball become more natural.  The other major life changer for us was starting the eye exercises and realizing an urgent need for eye therapy. As adults, we don’t really talk about what we see or don’t see because we think what we see and how we see it is just the way it is, or should be. By practicing the eye exercises with Kole and seeing his Brain Balance testing results, we realized this was a huge struggle, and for the first time ever, we understood why being in the outfield for t-ball was frustrating.  We also understood why looking at the teacher while she talked or just being in a busy classroom was so difficult.  His eyes were not filtering information properly. It really hit us when practicing the eye exercises with him one day he said in frustration, “Mom this is hard! My eyes keep catching on things”.  Our hearts broke.  As teachers, we felt guilty for not seeing his struggle and as parents, we felt like failures for not understanding his need. Thankfully, Brain Balance helped us address this so we could improve his tracking, focusing, and eye teaming. We also loved watching Kole’s conversations become more grown up. Although we were not looking specifically for that change when we joined the program, we were pleasantly surprised by it. After his first few days of 1st grade Kole told us his favorite subject in school was writing – we were shocked with delight by this turn of events!

The impact Brain Balance has left on our family is HUGE! Kole’s increased confidence, coordination, strength, and overall growth makes us so proud! We are still working on self-control, eye therapy, and his primary reflexes exercises outside of the program; however, we are so thankful we chose Brain Balance and would gladly do it all over again! We were willing to put the time, money, and dedication into this program because we value our son and desire to his meet needs. Brain Balance is a life-impacting program and because of it we can proudly say our son is better off!”  – Audra, Mom

“Mason is a much happier kid!”

“Mason was having social anxiety that would lead to extreme tantrums when he felt that it was out of his control. He would have a hard time with transitioning. Mason also had some sensory processing issues- like being overwhelmed in large groups/crowds or new situations, how waste bands and shoes felt. He also had issues of ODD-blaming others and not taking responsibility for his own actions, manipulative, demanding and threatening. Saying, “I won’t do X if I can’t do Y!” There was difficulty on not being able to reason with him and difficulty in him sincerely apologizing or not apologizing at all.

After Brain Balance, his social anxiety is starting to lessen; he is coming out of his shell, and is less shy and more confident at school. His teacher is seeing him able to focus during assignments and if he has a tantrum, it’s less intense and he is able to calm himself down by himself and in a lot less time. Also, Mason is starting to understand right from wrong and when he’s been in the wrong, he has sincerely apologized ON HIS OWN, to me his mother and his brothers as well.

Lastly, Mason is a happier kid, less moody and the true Mason is shining through more often than not; where it used to be we would get glimpses of his true self. Transitioning is becoming easier for him; he is less manipulative and demanding. This brings more peace to our household and his brothers aren’t being resentful towards him in thinking that he is always getting his own way.”  – Mom

“Michelle’s reading has greatly improved!”

“Michelle has behavioral, learning and social issues. She was being destructive, failing in school and unable to keep friends.

After Brain Balance, Michelle is friendlier to her friends and less bossy. She speaks when she gets mad and expresses what is what is wrong instead of being distant. Lastly, her reading has greatly improved! Furthermore, it was great to learn about health and well-being and how it can effect behavior.”  – Mom

Michelle says, “I get along better with my brother since my brain is calmer!”



“Zac’s eye contact has improved drastically!”

“We came to Brain Balance after being frustrated with our son’s lack of progress with private OT. Zac has always had sensory issues and was very socially immature and impulsive. Heading into Kindergarten we wanted to give him the best start.

After Brain Balance, Zac’s eye contact and ability to converse have improved drastically. His overall balance and core strength have also improved. He does much better in situations now that used to be overwhelming and his meltdowns don’t last as long. Zac is learning to calm himself down more quickly and recognizing he has control over his own behaviors.

Though Brain Balance was a big commitment, we have all really enjoyed seeing Zac’s progress. We have also made great connections with the Brain Balance staff and other families at Brain Balance.”  – Valerie, Mom

“Academically, things have become easier and the gap has been closing!”

“Aidan’s ADHD and learning difficulties were what prompted us to come to Brain Balance. He was falling behind academically and socially; as a result his self-confidence suffered greatly.

The most significant benefit that we have seen is Aidan’s health. He used to get sick all of the time, and when he was, he would be sick forever. This is no longer the case. We also see that he is more aware socially and able to process things better. Academically, things have become easier and the gap has been closing. He has become the teenager he needs to be, where as before his actions were stuck in the upper elementary age range.

Brain Balance was the first place Aidan didn’t feel “different” in a long time. The sheer realization that he isn’t the only kid dealing with challenges was awesome. We finally feel like we can move forward with Aidan and get him to a place where his peers are and not simply “hope” he makes it through.”  – Shari Carmichael, Mom

“What a difference a day makes and what great changes we have experienced after going through the Brain Balance program.

Our 16-year-old son has been dealing with ADHD from a relatively young age. When he entered high school, things began to become much more challenging. His executive processing issues for understanding direction, his focus for getting assignments turned in, and his ability to emotionally deal with people really became daily problems. He was struggling in all of his classes. Most of his teachers did not understand the problems he was experiencing and saying he was just lazy and not trying. We were becoming desperate in finding something to help him with. We decided Brain Balance might be an option and we are so glad we did!

Jakob began Brain Balance with slumped shoulders and not talking much to the staff or me. After the first week, Jakob admitted that the sessions were actually fun. Soon, he was chatting with me in the car, spending time talking with family and willingly participating in his sessions. His teachers said they noticed a dramatic improvement in his focus in class and quality of work. During conferences, he even shook all of their hands. He is more confident and outgoing and he himself has noticed this too. He looked his grandma in the eyes while talking with her recently and asked why he didn’t use to be able to do that. It brought tears to our eyes.

While Jakob is continuing to grow, we are confident he has a great foundation to make progress and be able to be the young man we knew he was inside.”  – Shannon Satur, Mom

“Aaliyah is so much happier with herself!”

“Aaliyah was diagnosed with anxiety in 5th grade. It was controllable, but in the 6th grade in November, she started to pull out her hair and we couldn’t figure out why. We found out it was do to the stress of homework and middle school. We tried everything to get her to stop but nothing worked for her. Then, I heard a Brain Balance advertisement on the radio. I called and scheduled an assessment and I am so glad I did!

After Brain Balance, Aaliyah does not pull out her hair anymore and her hair has grown back. The stress and worry about Aaliyah is gone. Aaliyah is so much happier with herself and feels much better. Most of all, she has a positive outlook on the upcoming school year!”  – Victoria, Mom

“Cody is more affectionate and able to express himself.”

“Cody has always struggled with change and following directions. On his sports teams he struggled staying on task. He would seem to wander off frequently.

When it came to soccer he made some great strides that everyone noticed. He was following his coaches’ directions, seemed a lot more coordinated and his overall skills vastly improved. Recently, he went on vacation and interacted socially with other kids he did not know and he was also more willing to trying new foods. This was something that was challenging prior to Brain Balance.

Brain Balance has given our family a better understanding of Cody and why he was the way he was. After the program Cody is more affectionate and able to express himself. We now believe that Cody has the tools to meet and overcome new changes and be successful in creating new friendships.”  – Troy, Dad

“Karsten is now vibrant and active!”

“Karsten was having difficulties in school with classroom focus, making friends and homework. He was consistently defensive and combative about his homework and responsibilities. He was having a difficult time making close friendships. He felt distant, misunderstood, confused and did not even enjoy school. He also had auditory issues and needed extra guidance and time in the classroom. He seemed lost.

After Brain Balance, Karsten is now vibrant and active. His behavior in school both with teachers and fellow students has improved dramatically. He meets new friends easily and engages in activities with ease and confidence. His self-esteem has increased, he is confidant with whom he is and his focus and concentration have improved.

Within our family, fighting amongst siblings has reduced and they help each other more. The tension with chores and housework has gotten much better. Karsten’s improved maturity and self-esteem has made family life much more peaceful and happy.

Lastly, Brain Balance has given Karsten an extraordinary gift to be the best person he can be. His life will be full and beautiful because he now has the tools and ability to be a fully functional person he is meant to be. We will be eternally grateful for this wonderful gift to him and family.”  – Jennifer, Mom

“Megan is now at grade level and working hard…[enjoying] reading and writing and her self-confidence [has] become very high!””

“Before coming to Brain Balance, Megan was having a difficult time with academics, not at grade level, and processing information. She had low self-confidence and really struggled with reading and writing. Megan also had issues with poor focus and communicating with teachers.

It was very apparent that Megan was having trouble with easy words like, there, with, how and the. Now she is able to read them with ease. She also has much better focus and can stay on task.  Megan is now at grade level and working hard. She now enjoys reading and writing and her self-confidence is become very high!”  – Troy, Dad

“The changes we have seen in Shelby have been radical!”

“Shelby has dyslexia and ADHD. She was having a very difficult time staying on task, processing directions and getting her work done. Her self-esteem had dropped to a heart breaking level, and she refused to try and make an effort on certain things because she was afraid to fail.

After Brain Balance, Shelby is now able to stay focused on tasks for long periods of time and she is open to trying new things. Her self-esteem has gone way up and for the first time ever she is excited to start school. Shelby does not need to be asked multiple times to do things and her behavior has improved greatly.

Brain Balance is an incredible program. The changes we have seen in Shelby have been radical. Shelby believes she can accomplish anything now and doesn’t say, “I can’t” anymore. She tries, she puts forth effort and she knows that even if things don’t come easy, they will come with practice. I am so grateful for the Brain Balance program and for the staff. You have changed my daughter’s life and I am so exited to she where she goes!”  – Sara, Mom

“I believe that he is more focused and making better choice as far as understanding his choices.”

“We initially brought Tracyn to Brain balance because therapy was not working and we wanted to try something different. Tracyn was having severe behavioral issues. He was having meltdown and becoming violent in school and home. Tracyn was diagnosed with Attachment Disorder.

After Brain Balance, Tracyn has fewer meltdowns, understands his choices better and he understands how his meltdowns affect others. He has also shown more compassion and understanding. I think Tracyn has realized that every one around him cares for him and just wants to see him happy. The Brain Balance program has helped my family start and continue to try to stay on the same page and work together. I feel as though Tracyn has made some great improvements this summer. I believe that he is more focused and making better choice as far as understanding his choices. Overall, Brain Balance has given us a good start for a better future for Tracyn and my family.”  – Natalie, Mom

“Right from the start we started noticing changes and improvements in his behavior!”

“We decided to check out Brain Balance because we were having so many issues with our son: lack of focus, organization, mood swings, poor grades, school work, family stress and tension due to Zander’s behavior and demands. Reading, reading comprehension and math grades were so low and because of this he struggled so much.

Wow! Brain Balance has changed Zander in so many ways. Right from the start we started noticing changes and improvements in his behavior. He actually is able to complete his homework without putting up a fight. Zander does not demand much at all any more. He actually has reasoning skills in understanding the other family members’ point of view. He seems calmer and able to regulate his emotions better. He is more focused and able to stay on task and complete projects now.

Our family seems more peaceful now. I feel as though Brain Balance has brought a much needed peace to our family with fewer conflicts and more fun!”  – Leah, Mom

“We came to Brain Balance because Ethan had poor school performance, was physically violent when frustrated and lacked the ability to focus.

In the past 6 months Ethan has improved in academics, decreased his overall aggression and has begun to interact with his classmates.  He has gained confidence in himself and no longer dreads going to school.  This change has made him more positive and has lowered our family’s overall stress.”    – Chad,Dad




Before Brain Balance, Ryan was getting into trouble at school, and struggled getting along with friends and teachers.  There was no reasoning with her on anything and she could not control her emotions. Ryan also lacked the ability to pay attention and stay focused.

After Brain Balance, Ryan is now able to walk away from situations that upset her rather than having an outburst. She is able to focus more on reading and writing and her scores have increased to the point where she has reached the Kindergarten requirements. As a family we have found that we can have fun and go places again.  Ryan is happier and calmer and able to explain herself.  We were able to take a vacation without a single negative incident- that is amazing beyond words- no issues with food, no issues with tantrums, no issues with sleep – it was one of our best trips ever!!!

Ryan loved coming to the center.”  – Becky, Mom

“Owen’s self confidence has improved immensely”

We came to Brain Balance because of behavioral concerns and stressful family dynamics due to extreme frustration around school and homework. We were constantly arguing after school for an hour or more (along with tantrums, slamming doors, screaming, hitting, kicking and spitting) to get Owen to complete his homework.  He had low self-esteem about his physical and mental capabilities and was frequently threatening to run away from home.

After Brain Balance, Owen’s self confidence has improved immensely. His 2nd grade teacher commented on how far his academic abilities came this year.  He moved up to a more challenging math group mid way through the year.  He consistently received A’s on spelling tests and other tests because he no longer fought at home to study.  His warrior playground coach commented on the huge difference in his physical abilities.

The Brain Balance program was a big commitment both financially and time spent at home. It was worth every penny.  It has brought peace back to our house.  Owen still gets frustrated and upset like any kid his age, but he is able to recover in seconds or minutes instead of hours.

Big thank you to the entire staff at Brain Balance.  The level of understanding, kindness, patience and support provided to Owen and our family was outstanding!!   – Corrin, Mom

“It is wonderful to see the progress….”

“Asia came to Brain Balance struggling with a lack of focus and poor fine motor skills stemming from issues from early childhood.

The goals were to improve her focus, attention, comprehension, and overall functionality between mind and body.

Although it was a lot to ask for a 6-year-old to follow a restricted diet, in addition to attending the Brain Balance program three days a week, the family was thrilled to see the progress she attained as Asia went through the process.

After many weeks of a program that included nutrition, home exercises, and a focus on cognitive and sensory motor activities, Asia, her family, and the staff at Brain Balance worked hard to help her reach her goals.

Asia now has a better sense of focus, attention, and is more easily redirected when asked to complete a given task.  Her eyes and eye/hand coordination has improved, and her overall core has become much stronger.

Our center staff has always been helpful and friendly, and my daughter is actually disappointed it’s over.  Thank you Brain Balance.”


“The best part is Kauai now loves going to school….”

“When Kauai started with Brain Balance, his mother was concerned with at the level of frustration that her son was exhibiting.  Kauai would get upset very easily, even throw things. Kauai disliked anything that had to do with academics, and he struggled with focus and following directions.

Kindergarten was just a few months away, and the family had concerns.

Working with the Staff and experts at Brain Balance, and following the program that includes nutrition, sensory motor improvement, and cognitive work, the family worked hard to better their situation.

After Brain Balance, Kauai is not only enjoying school, but looks forward to going every day!  His ability to control his frustration and follow directions has greatly improved, and his anger has been replaced by a smile.”


“Claire is more affectionate!”

“We came to Brain Balance because Claire was struggling with social awkwardness, shutting down when upset, lack of communication and severe tantrums.

After Brain Balance, Claire is more communicative and affectionate. She has learned to control her temper and can pull herself out of being angry in far less time. Claire is also starting to form more meaningful relationships with her peers. Claire and her dad have a stronger relationship now and that makes home life a lot more pleasant.”


“Josh is loving school!”

“We came to Brain Balance because Josh was struggling with academics as well as his confidence towards his school work. Josh was also having difficulty controlling and managing his emotions.

Brain Balance has enabled Josh to see improvements in his academics with a belief that he can do it! Josh is also less reactive and impulsive and more responsible over his emotions.

At home, Josh has really matured and had embraced his responsibilities and the tasks we give him. Brain Balance has created an inner standard for him to “best himself” and to strive to improve his skills.”

-Deborah, Mom



Brain Balance helps children who struggle behaviorally, socially, and academically through a holistic and integrated approach that is customized to meet the needs of each child.


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