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Helping Children In Centerville

The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Centerville helps children who struggle with behavioral, social, and academic challenges through our one-stop integrated program that focuses on the whole child. With our personalized assessment, we identify the issues, then set a plan in place that addresses your child’s specific needs. Our program combines sensory-motor training, academic skill training, at-home exercises and a nutrition plan in order to help children achieve their goals.

The Brain Balance program has helped children all across the Miami Valley overcome challenges of common childhood disorders including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), High-Functioning Autism, or Asperger Syndrome, kids learning disorders such as Dyslexia and Sensory Processing Disorder. Whether you’re looking for an ADHD program or a plan for Dyslexia, our integrated approach is designed to help your child reach their goals. How can Brain Balance help your child? The stories below are from parents whose children have completed their time at the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Centerville.

Stories From Local Families

When it comes to the Brain Balance Program, there’s nothing more important than hearing stories from parents about their family’s experience. One of our past enrolled parents from the Brain Balance Achievement Center of Centerville shares how the Brain Balance program helped her son overcome his social challenges. Listen to Jonah’s story about life before finding Brain Balance, his experience in the program, and what changes are noticeable after completing the program.

“There has been such an improvement in Gavin all the way around. He’s able to focus. He can sit and do his homework now.”

“Before Brain Balance he was extremely distracted. He had a very hard time focusing. I actually homeschooled him, first and second grade. Trying to get him to do homework was really, really difficult, for both of us. I would have to stand over his shoulder and point to each and every problem. I would constantly redirect him back to the work that he was supposed to be doing. It was a real, real struggle. He got behind in school so we ended up having to do some of the school work through the summer ever for him to be able to finish up. He also had absolutely no rhythm in signing, so he did not enjoy the music classes that he had for school. He actually would get really upset and almost be in tears when he would have to try to sing a song and clap or do hand motions and things. He had absolutely no interest in sports. Throwing balls, kicking balls, hitting balls, he just really did not have good hand-eye coordination. He just didn’t want anything to do with a ball and playing outside. He developed some tics, where he was king of turning his head or rotating his wrist, just bodily functions that he would start to repeat.

I did some research on the internet, read a lot of the testimonials, and then I went ahead and called the Brain Balance Center and scheduled to get him tested. All the people there, at the center, have just been phenomenal. They have helped us every step of the way. It’s a little overwhelming at first, when your child goes through that three hour test. Then you come back for the results and you see, in our case, where Gavin was only hearing forty percent of what we would tell him, and of that, he was only comprehending forty percent. At that time, we had a nine-year-old who was only able to listen and comprehend at like a three or four-year-old level. It was very, very eye-opening for us. They just were great at encouraging us as parents, reaffirming us, and letting us know that there is hope out there and that this program can help him to overcome some of these areas where he’s struggling.

He’s able to memorize his spelling words now and you don’t have to harp on him to do his homework.”

“Landon was always the kid that was just acting weird or the other kids are playing and he’s running through the house, loud, jerking things out of people’s hands. Just no self-control.”

“He had tremendous anxiety. He had very little regulation of his behavior, or his emotions. He’s only in the third grade, and he had already had three teachers tell me, “I don’t know what to do with this kid.” He couldn’t get along with his sisters. He was an unhappy kid. He was very negative. His dad and I were really concerned about his future. Usually, parents, you think like, “Oh, where’s my kid going to go to college? What are they going to be when they grow up?” To be completely brutally honest, his dad and I were like, “How are we going to keep this kid from going to prison?” I know that’s horrible to say but that’s because he had a lot of issues with authority. That was really our concern. We felt like he just did not have a future.

We started noticing changes actually pretty quickly. Just within a few weeks we started noticing changes in him. One of the best things is that we started noticing pretty quickly that he was a happier child. He had a Sunday school teacher who happened to be like an occupational therapist or a physical therapist. Someone that works with ADHD-type children like that. We had never told her, “Hey, he has a problem.” We just went to Sunday school. She actually told us several weeks, many a month in, she said, “I don’t know what you guys are doing with this kid, but you’re doing something because I am seeing a lot of improvements. I am seeing a different kid come into Sunday school.” That was a big deal for us.

He’s able to get along with his sisters. He’s considerate of them. He’s just had so much improvement. He’s said he’s happier. He’s said … For a while, he really didn’t want to take his Vivance anymore because he said, “I’ve been through Brain Balance. I don’t need it anymore.” He actually said, “I’m not taking that poison. I don’t need it anymore,” since Brain Balance. He feels more successful at school, and he says he’s not as frustrated. We can go places without him beating his sister, being rough to her all the time. We can go places without his dad and I being embarrassed, having a public fit.”

“She didn’t like math before and now says she loves it. Said the teacher is giving her harder questions and she still feels they are easy!”

“When Addison started kindergarten, she soaked up everything that was happening around her and did great! In first grade she became a little behind but by the end of the year she was caught up. She was having a hard time retaining any information learned. When second grade came she struggled the whole year.  Teachers would have to remind Addison to stay focused because she would go off into la-la land. After brain balance, Addison can even tell a difference in school. She can focus more on what the teacher is telling her and understands what she is saying. She does not get distracted by the classroom setting but only by loud noises that happen around her.

We have seen a change at home as well. She would leave her clothes on the floor right where she took them off and I would have to tell her to pick them up multiple times. When she would come home from school we would have to remind her to take her lunch box and put everything in the sink and the ice pack in the freezer. Now, she takes care of all of this on her own. The first week of school passed before I realized she was cleaning her lunch box without me saying anything to her!

Going through the diet changes was overwhelming at first but so worth it. All 3 of our children make better choices over all now when it comes to food.

Addison now has more confidence in herself and is also able to make changes in her everyday life when it comes to the small details. Seeing the changes in her over these past 6 months in program were unbelievable, WE WOULD DO IT AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT!”


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